another week another list of things i like to have.

i like –

the Clarity project (good place for someone who wants to buy something something sparkly and special for someone thats filled with bubbly hearts.)

Polarno Pyret’s neck warmer for baby

Emerson Made – i want it all.

i like the bed but i really like the bed tent for my little dude.

the micuna furniture is nice and simple and the colors are so soft.

this BOW scarf is awsum but of course is sold out right now.

these 80%20 – women’s eliotte suede boots is a must have especially with the toggles. i am a sucka for toggle.

i saw these Minnetonka® fringed low moccasins in store and they are pretty cute and the price is great.

just for kicks, i would like to try this Komenuka Bijin shampoo since my current shampoo will run out soon.

give me giant bat wings and i will take off.

i want the necklace of the red dress to go with all the above dresses.

HARVEY FAIRCLOTH is rocking out her spring/summer line.
i saw these and want to put them on and go flying up in the air with the giant fluffy marshmellow in the sky just like KiKi in the movie KiKi Delivery Service(and oh! her giant red bow! it inspires me the day i was exposed to the movie).
all the dresses contain a certain element of what i want in a dress – big puffy sleeves, pockets in the front, perfect length, buttons, a-line and SO much fun to be had.
oh! how i wish i can wear them when spring comes!! please show up at my door step and let me have you!

this is what i want to wear to bring on the new year.

i love bows. it makes me weak. it makes me reach into my money bag and into my wallet and CONSUME. but this is the best hugeness of bow ive come across and how can i not want it.

and i want to wear these leggings with my giant bow along with a black dress that i have in mind. the little top hat dude on the leggings might get stretch out a bit since i dont have stick like legs (i got meat) but who cares… i can somehow make it work. i just know it. and then it would be a perfect way to say hello to 2010. BRING IT ON. contact me and i will tell you where you can send me this combo.


its simple mathematic: stuff(more stuff) + bags = consume people!

ive been drawn to bright colored items lately… maybe its the recent superwarm weather thats making feel like its truly summer.
CONSUME CONSUME PEOPLE. thats what i keep telling myself and others around me.
(i tried to use this phrase in my daily routine. its good for you, you should do.)

i saw this

and instantly thought of my most beloved characters, arale from dr slump (or maybe sailor moon). this is something that she would wear (she loves her bow) on a day where she have to dress nice for her human master. *by the way, i SO rock her style. ive been looking for those specs since forever.*

helllooooo… i need this hair clippy thing in every color please. thank you.

i love my bags as you know. bags and shoes are my weakness but i need to buy more bags so i can put my shoes in the bags and my bags in the bags and so on. and besides i love stuff and bags are a great way to put stuff in.

this is a good one to have just when i want to feel like a little more grown up serious.
these bags will put me in a good mood because they are superhappy and those buttons!!! just look at those buttons!!! you just want to touch them…. wow. i can put the small leather chain sling inside the big leather bag and if situations call for it, i can take the small one out and go. perfect.

its time to want desire. especially on this america day.

consume people. today and everyday.

for me. (and you should too.)