i knew that i wanted an iPad2 the day they announced the release date. i planned on placing an order online since i knew that they would be sold out at the store. i planned a trip with my two little ones soon after the release date and an idea of having an iPad2 for my toddler on the plane got stuck in my head. i knew there were no way i would get one by ordering online and so i did a little looking around and realized the best chance to get one was to wait in line early in the morning since stores get daily shipments and sometimes it includes iPad2. i told my main dude hubby of the idea and how maybe i should do that so i could have it for my trip. i was of course half joking since i have a 2.5 month old at home that needs nursing (and the other half i was hoping that i could since i wanted one).

to get to the point of this posting – my main dude got up super early for me and waited in line. after the first morning, he knew what to expect and woke up at 3am for the next 3 days and on the 4th try, he did it. he even got exactly the one i wanted. its amazing. both my dude and the ipad2 but the latter is not as amazing as my main dude of course. all i could think of every morning when he woke up was – you would do that for me?
i admit, i felt horrible for ever mentioning the idea to him and each morning when he got up to go i would tell him to stop but he went. and while he was gone, i wouldn’t be able to sleep well because all i could do was think about him standing for 4 hours in the cold and in the rain just because i wanted the iPad2 for my trip.

i love my crazee dude. not because he got me my iPad2 but because he went and did that for me even knowing that he might not even be able to get one at all. i am one lucky girl.


it has been too long, blog. i truly miss you and i think of you often.
ever since my new baby arrived, i have had no time except for my newborn and my toddler and sometimes for my mansome handboy (i.e. – my main man dude hubby). the only thing i can do for the things i want to do is to think about them – i.e. blogging, drawing, chatting with friends (who are now my imaginary friends), sleeping, and sometimes eating.

but here i am blog.

i actually have a free moment and i want to tell you that among my busy hectic but fun loving newborn/toddler days, i still have desires and wishes and wants for stuff.

this is just a beginning. there are SO much more i want but i dont have enough time to tell you all about it. enjoy these and feel free to get them for me, my blog readers. i miss you too much and when i find the technology to add an extra 12 hours onto one day or when i find the technology to freeze time (like Evie from Out of This World), i will be back to tell you more about me and my life and my stuff and my newfound superfantastic baby + toddler.


1) signet stardust ring-14kt gold

2) Lavender Relaxing Foot Cream

3) Incense Matches – not a crazee incense lady but would be good to have it in our guest bathroom for those moments that no one likes to be in. you know what i am talking about and i am not afraid to say it.

4) Wedzu’s kissing bird ring

5) Stella McCartney: Horsey printed sweater

6) Swedish Hasbeens: large shoulder bags in red please

7) Claire & Anaud’s Origami jewellery pegasus necklace. i really do want this around my neck please.

8) New High (M)art shirts – any one of these stripes shirt would be great for an everyday wear and i am loving stripes these days.

9) Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent – been looking for a small/medium-ish cross over bags to carry all my stuff along with some toddler toys + infant essentials on days that i dont feel like carrying a diaper bag.

10) MCMC Fragrances – Dude No. 1 – dont know what this smells like but i would like to smell it and therefore would love to get it for my dude so that i can smell the dude on my dude. (maybe this was for The Dude on Big Lebowski?)

11) Lanvin Dear Danae Foldover Tote – this could be perfect for my i dont feel like carrying my diaper bag day because i want to use a regular bag but yet i need it big enough so that i can carry all my kids stuff but not too big so my arms are free to grab my kids kind of day. (its pretty much how i feel everyday now.)

12) Props on a Stick – this would be great for me and my little dude to play dress up especially on a rainy day or just about any day when we feel like being somebody else for one second.

13) Fjallraven 15″ Computer Bag – i just got the purple Fjallraven day bag (for my upcoming trip – well it was more of an excuse to buy another bag) but i also want this so that i can carry my soon to arrive iPad2 with me.