milo had his first sleepover last weekend with his two cousins (ages 3 and 4). they all slept in our room with their sleeping bags. it was a kind of a last minute thing so i didnt even think about what milo would sleep on. but right before we were setting up the kids on our floor, i remembered about my old skool Fisher Price sleeping bag which my dad scored for us via his connection back in the day. it was still in its original box which i kept after all these years. we have one in blue/yellow and another one in pink. it was perfect. we opened it and was very impressed with its simple design. you just roll it up and secure it with velcro and it has pockets on the end for him to put his goodies in. the bestest part is that it is blue which is milo’s favorite color (the pink one i am saving for matilda). i think it is pretty hard to find a sleeping bag with no designs or characters on them these days. i am SO glad that i kept this and i do love my old skool Fisher Price items. thank you thank you dad, i bet you never knew that someday it would be your grandson that would be using this.(because i certainly never imagine that it would be my kid that i am saving this for.)

dont get jealous people. sometimes its good to be keeper trapper (not a hoarder or at least not a dirty messy one). i have things that i kept from my childhood and most of the stuff are still in its original packaging (especially my hello kitty stuff) and it is not because i am hoping to sell them. it is because i love my stuff.


the month of december is finally upon us and it means that all my desires/wants can be shared and i dont have to feel so guilty for wanting so much stuff. heres the beginning of my list. i dont necessarily need or want every single item but since its the holiday season, i have a very loose/generous rules about things i want/need. as long as i like them or they are worthy of my eyes to stop and my brain to ponder-wonder, then its on the list. SO, here they are. i think these items would make a great gift for YOU, YOUR MOM, YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR GF, YOUR BFF, YOUR SECRET CRUSH, YOUR IDOL, or simply just me. (confession: when making wish list type deal, i always rather have someone that i dont really know well to give it to me since i wouldnt feel so bad that they are spending all this money to get me my wants. does that make sense? if its someone like my close family, i would rather they spend the money on themselves. SO, with that said, i guess this is truly a wish list because who and what someone who i dont really know would go and buy me things??!!! SANTA? are you out there reading me blog?)

ONE: iphone4 bamboo case by grove. i would like to customize my own. but right now its only available for iphone4 and if i were given this case, he/she needs to buy me an iphone4 as well.

TWO: ghost lamps. they are supercute. i can use it or my little dude could use it if he fancies it.

THREE: dyson DC25 All Floor. do i really need to say anything more. i wont be me if i dont obsessed about vacuum. i REALLY TRULY WANT a dyson and this is the one i want to start with. seriously, i want it. if you read this blog, you know ive been wanting a dyson for a long long long time.

FOUR: BOLD-STEPPING BOOTIES. toggle. i want everything in toggle. everything toggle i want.

FIVE: Orla Kiely’s radio. i posted about this before and i am posting it again. I DO LIKE IT. I MEAN I LOVE IT.

SIX: Diana Mini En Rose.

SEVEN: Yuma cardigan. i like the pattern and i would wear it with the bold-stepping booties (wish list item FOUR). i do i do like it.

EIGHT: Jambox from Jawbone. i want one or two or in all colors just so i can say it out loud to people that i have a jambox from jawbone.

NINE: ASICS x Sanrio 50th anniversary sneaker. i dont love it but for some reason i am feeling it and wouldnt mind kicking these kicks around. they are kinda ugly but yet i am liking the no socks with these kicks look. why not i say. size 8 please.

TEN: iP40 FM Alarm Clock Radio. just nice to have in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

ELEVEN: WorkCycles Oma.

TWELVE: Piece of Sky Rug.

its simple mathematic: stuff(more stuff) + bags = consume people!

ive been drawn to bright colored items lately… maybe its the recent superwarm weather thats making feel like its truly summer.
CONSUME CONSUME PEOPLE. thats what i keep telling myself and others around me.
(i tried to use this phrase in my daily routine. its good for you, you should do.)

i saw this

and instantly thought of my most beloved characters, arale from dr slump (or maybe sailor moon). this is something that she would wear (she loves her bow) on a day where she have to dress nice for her human master. *by the way, i SO rock her style. ive been looking for those specs since forever.*

helllooooo… i need this hair clippy thing in every color please. thank you.

i love my bags as you know. bags and shoes are my weakness but i need to buy more bags so i can put my shoes in the bags and my bags in the bags and so on. and besides i love stuff and bags are a great way to put stuff in.

this is a good one to have just when i want to feel like a little more grown up serious.
these bags will put me in a good mood because they are superhappy and those buttons!!! just look at those buttons!!! you just want to touch them…. wow. i can put the small leather chain sling inside the big leather bag and if situations call for it, i can take the small one out and go. perfect.

i can collect more if i have one of these. or maybe i need one of these in each room.

this is what i need for all my existing and future magazines.
but i want them in different colors so that it can be color coded and i can file my magazines accordingly. and every now and then i will rotate them in different rooms so they will have a fair chance of being with me and with different dust bunnies.

fair enough? I SAY YES.

and i shall enjoy my readings just like her
ONLY minus her mini version of an ikea chair
which i am sure its way more comfortable and its ORANGE.
(this girl is way color coordinated. her orange gear and her green reading materials.)