it has been too long, blog. i truly miss you and i think of you often.
ever since my new baby arrived, i have had no time except for my newborn and my toddler and sometimes for my mansome handboy (i.e. – my main man dude hubby). the only thing i can do for the things i want to do is to think about them – i.e. blogging, drawing, chatting with friends (who are now my imaginary friends), sleeping, and sometimes eating.

but here i am blog.

i actually have a free moment and i want to tell you that among my busy hectic but fun loving newborn/toddler days, i still have desires and wishes and wants for stuff.

this is just a beginning. there are SO much more i want but i dont have enough time to tell you all about it. enjoy these and feel free to get them for me, my blog readers. i miss you too much and when i find the technology to add an extra 12 hours onto one day or when i find the technology to freeze time (like Evie from Out of This World), i will be back to tell you more about me and my life and my stuff and my newfound superfantastic baby + toddler.


1) signet stardust ring-14kt gold

2) Lavender Relaxing Foot Cream

3) Incense Matches – not a crazee incense lady but would be good to have it in our guest bathroom for those moments that no one likes to be in. you know what i am talking about and i am not afraid to say it.

4) Wedzu’s kissing bird ring

5) Stella McCartney: Horsey printed sweater

6) Swedish Hasbeens: large shoulder bags in red please

7) Claire & Anaud’s Origami jewellery pegasus necklace. i really do want this around my neck please.

8) New High (M)art shirts – any one of these stripes shirt would be great for an everyday wear and i am loving stripes these days.

9) Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent – been looking for a small/medium-ish cross over bags to carry all my stuff along with some toddler toys + infant essentials on days that i dont feel like carrying a diaper bag.

10) MCMC Fragrances – Dude No. 1 – dont know what this smells like but i would like to smell it and therefore would love to get it for my dude so that i can smell the dude on my dude. (maybe this was for The Dude on Big Lebowski?)

11) Lanvin Dear Danae Foldover Tote – this could be perfect for my i dont feel like carrying my diaper bag day because i want to use a regular bag but yet i need it big enough so that i can carry all my kids stuff but not too big so my arms are free to grab my kids kind of day. (its pretty much how i feel everyday now.)

12) Props on a Stick – this would be great for me and my little dude to play dress up especially on a rainy day or just about any day when we feel like being somebody else for one second.

13) Fjallraven 15″ Computer Bag – i just got the purple Fjallraven day bag (for my upcoming trip – well it was more of an excuse to buy another bag) but i also want this so that i can carry my soon to arrive iPad2 with me.


ONE: Maison Desalle’s Paris Loves You chair


THREE: Anthropologie DIY ( i will most likely do this since i would like to have more of these big chunky neck warmer.)

FOUR: how cute are these Collegien Slipper Socks. i want one for the whole family.

FIVE: Jack Spade Dipped Industrial Canvas. if my dude have one i can take it and use it too. a great gift for me and him. but you are only buying one. how great is that.

SIX: I love my Miffy. and i want to go here and take my little and big dude with me. so 3 tickets to the store please. PLEASE. I WANT.

SEVEN: Heal’s Orla Kiely. anything from here will make me happy. anything.

EIGHT: Rebecca Coagan Scharlatt’s morse coated necklace. this is super sweet and i love how small it looks on your neck. very cute.

NINE: sheriff PJ’s for my little dude.

TEN: Tivoli Audio Model One AM/FM Radio.

ELEVEN: i spotted this skull necklace by made in the display window of Jigsaw several times and i really dig it since i keep thinking about it. i SO want it around my neck. OH. I WANT IT.

TWELVE: Zara dresses. i love me some zara shopping whenever i am overseas. and look at all these dresses. they are the perfect length and i want them in both black and red especially the tuplip dress. so perfect. so good. want want please.

THIRTEEN: Super Star earrings. not sure if my ears would be allergic to this but i like it. little tatoos on my ear lopes.

FOURTEEN: Fox. very cute. i just want him to sit on my shelf or i could share him with my little dude.

FIFTEEN: CC SKYE Lightning Bolt Necklace

SIXTEEN: Eggshell Zigzag Romper

EIGHTEEN: Brevity Horseshoe necklace.

NINETEEN: Johnny Cupcake + Hello Kitty. even though they were completely sold out pretty much right after it was on sale, i still want it.


ONE: Orfeo – Mimilou – School bag bird

TWO: Lauren Moffatt Wool Pea Coat

THREE: Jonathan Adler pop menagerie lion ornament

FOUR: CATBIRD Alphabet Rings – Gold


SIX: Jonathan Adler lion rug

SEVEN: Jonathan Adler elephants salt and pepper

EIGHT: the bestest wallpaper ive seen in a long time

NINE: Bamboo Radio

TEN: Clarevivier La Tropézienne bag – the most simple brown leather bag ive seen in awhile and i wish i can touch it just to see how soft it is. i wonder how much it weights since i hate heavy leather bags.

ELEVEN: Orla Kiely Pattern book. A must have.

TWELVE: Linge De Maison Housse de couette Chantier bed sheets. i really like the simple boyish pattern. it gives me such a clean happy feeling.

THIRTEEN: OFFI Mini-Drawer Doodle Desk (in orange). my little dude would like this. i just know it.

FOURTEEN: Jonathan Adler apple pillows

FIFTEEN: Orla Kiely Big Zip wallet – i have one of these in different pattern and i ABSOLUTELY love it. i am always scared that it will break one day and if i have a spare it would make me feel so safe.

* i realized that this wish list is a very neutral orange theme. i guess thats whats attracting my eyes these days.*

short-wish-list on a rainy sunday.

its the first rain of the fall season after that annoying heat wave. i hope this will mean that fall is finally here to stay. it has to since i got my first pair of boots for this very fall season. heres some findings i did in the past few days. i am keeping it short since i am trying hard to not want too much.
here it goes:

these books ends are too cute. i want them all and put them all over our house since we got rooms in almost all our rooms. they are SO very cute and yet so very pricey but i SO want them.

their Dame and Knight A/W2010 line is pretty freaking fantastic. i want everything and somehow the girl model reminds me of Bjork. their dresses are my style especially the length. come to me or come to america or feel free to send me to you.


fall is my most favorite weather. one of the reason is because i can have many options for outfits – i can pretty much wear all the clothes i have in my closet.
i saw the Orla Kiely fall/winter 2010-11 line (via VOGUE UK) and it makes me wish that fall can come right now!

what i love the most in all these outfits are the bags and the shoes! the shoes with the socks. i love it. i want to know who make this specific shoes???! but for now, i shall replace them with these SEE BY CHLOÉ (size 8).

Things I learned on my recent trip.

we were away to the sticky humid hot east coast for 5 days and here are some things that i have learned about the world and about myself.

1) bugs/mosquitoes love my skin. i pretty much wore shorts the whole time i was there and everyday i would find new itchy red spots on my legs. (notice the plural on the word spot.) i did the whole OFF thing and it does not work on me. i truly believe that my blood is sweet and is even sweeter than my little boy’s since he wore shorts and he got no bites. and if i am one of those crazees, then i will believe that the bugs are out to get me. i just want to squish them.

2) Silly Bandz ARE indeed super popular among kids’ arm. i met a 9.5 year old and one of the first thing i learned from her was silly bandz and since that moment on, i see them in all kids’ arm. my question is – is this like the chia pet where its popular for a bit and then its gone but then its still around somehow?

3) i really like using a backpack. its true. i said it. i really DO like my traveling backpack. i got my lululemon backpack last year when i travel with my baby alone internationally and i must say everyone should get one especially if you have kids. my next plan is to get another backpack to use when i get to my destination and i already had it pick out a long time ago but never got around to getting one since i cant decide on the color. its the Fjällräven classic Kanken backpack.

4) i hate having dirty laundry in my luggage! HATE. i do. but then this time in our hotel, there was actually a little laundry room on our floor and i got to do my laundry and was able to avoid dirty laundry in my luggage. i was seriously very very VERY happy. SO, from now on, another thing i look for in a hotel is a laundry room access. (i dont like to send out my laundry to the hotel because i dont trust anyone with my clothes. i like to be the only one that handles my clothing. and besides, they charge way too much and they dont come back the same day.)

5) 3

6) i love my MUJI mesh garment bags. they keep everything together. i purchased at least 10 of them in various sizes when i was over in asia. i had one big one for my mansomehandboy, two for my little dude and two for myself in our suitcase. i love my MUJI travel gears. i wish they have a store close to me.

7) the trip turned out great for the reason of us going and i was very proud for what was said by my mansomehandboy during his speech and i know his mom would be very very proud of him. she was one fantastic woman.

my mom scored on mothers day.

my mom and i went shopping (of course) on mothers day and we went into marc by marc jacobs because i had to. but then my mom ended up finding the goodie. she got herself this dove pouchette! i picked it up and liked it but was debating whether or not i need another bag. the size was great. its very hard to find a good small bag. before i even made a decision, my mom asked the saleslady to get her a new one. SOLD. she got the grey/cement color since she has too many black bags according to her. and her excuse for getting it was for travel. for as long as i can remember (well, most of the time), she is always saying thats a good bag for travel when she make a bag purchase. and really does she travel that often? and if we judge how much she traveled by the number of bags, she would have gone around the world with all her bags. i have to admit, i do catch myself saying that when i come across a bag. why not. its good to be prepared when you do travel and it is hard to come upon a good bag.

and after i came home i was still thinking about the bag and did a bit of searching and researching and i cant believe this bag came out so long ago (back around dec 09?). wtf? ive seen the bigger version but never this small one and then i realized that it was sold out super soon everywhere. SO NOW, i even want the bag more and i think i will go back to the store. if they have it, YEAH for me. if not, ask my mom nicely if i can have it?

i want to show you what i want but you got to use your head.

i did quick shopping this afternoon due to very limited time, so, i had to make it efficient. i went to the stores that i know i will always find things at: MUJI (my all time favorite store when i am here on this side) and ZARA. (and along the way i pooped my head into French Connection.)

i saw this trench coat at Zara but the one i want is in pink. its not a god awful paris hilton-barbie-obnoxious pink (not that theres anything wrong with it. i personally just cant see that in this jacket.). i could not find a picture of the pink one so heres the white one. they didnt have my size but luckily i located one and will go and try it on tomorrow. if it all works out, i will most likely take the strap and buttons off the shoulders since those add on never does justice to my already broad shoulders.

as for this necklace, the one that attracted me to go into the store(French Connection) is very similar to this. it has the same black thick rope but the balls are super colorful and fun ( i couldnt find a pic of the actual one). i didnt get it since i was in a rush but i think if i were to pass by this store again, i will get it. (most likely when i go to Zara tomorrow, they will have this store as well.) who doesnt like multi colorful balls around their neck.

and of course when i was at Muji, i got a bunch of travel bags to put inside my suitcase. they are super helpful and makes packing SO much easier and ORGANIZED! they are these mesh bag that zips all the way around and comes in all kind of sizes. i use one for my little dude’s clothing, one for my clothing, and one for my mansomehandboy clothing. and when you are at your destination, all you have to do is open your suitcase and take out those little bags and you will know where to find things instead of digging deep down into your suitcase like a cheap sale. and i always keep a small one in my bag for scarves, or for my little dude’s extra set of clothing. trust me. everyone needs them. they are just bags but they do wonders when you pack.

and this morning when i was shopping before lunch, my mom and i stopped in Agnes Band we got another bag. i was talking to her this morning how i should probably just get a backpack while i am here visiting since with all the walking and carrying of my little dude, its much easier to have a backpack then a crossbags over my ergo. i went in and got a pretty cool backpack. never a fan of backpack when shopping but due to the reason and the coolness of the bag, it actually worked out well. cant wait to use it tomorrow. again, cant find a picture. but its this eggplant purple. i got a travel bag last year from them and i love it. its simple but very nice. heres the pic but i have it in purple eggplant.