here and there. the things ive seen and i am ready to share with you people.

this Nanamica Gore Tex Duffle Coat is too much for me. look at it. its super nice and as you know i am a sucker for toggles. i wish they make this for ladies. but heck, i would love to get this for my mansomehandboy.

as i have posted about these backpacks before, i think its best that i get all three different sizes (12 by 14, 9 by 11 and the 15″)in different colors of course. that way, i can use them according to the occasion. and i think its a good investment since they will last and i am all for backpacks.

finally, i would like to have this necklace. i have seen many necklaces with the same idea but for some reason i like Ruth Barzel’s the best. (and on the side: is that arm pit sweat??! if so, thats kind of gross and kind of cool that she doesnt care about using the pic. if its not, then what kind of shirt is that OR what is that?)

i like.

these outfits from Zara are super cute and i want to dress just like them. is it illegal to want to use little girls’ outfit as my closet inspirations? (if so, maybe law & order should do a story on this.) who cares. clothes are clothes.

i use stools especially in my closet and kitchen (and sometimes in places when i would step up and suck up big monster spiders with my vacuum) and this stool would make me feel not so short and silly.

i would love to have this little nina’s house for a baby. i can put it in every room in the house. i really do want it. maybe someone can build one for me.

this desk is enough for what i need and perfect size to have in our room as an additional office space. maybe the person that will build my nina’s house can also build this one. it looks pretty simple, right. maybe i have some carpenter reader on my blog? i will decorate your hammer with nice little pretty things if you are so willing? call me.

this commercial got my attention.

i want to watch this commercial in slow motion and have it on repeat and then freeze frame it and then blow it up and then have some type of modern technology that can take the dresses out and make it my size. is that too much to ask.
and also, whenever i see her hair, i want to DIE because my head screams for her perfect bangs and hair. i dont really care much about this zooey girl. when i think of her, i think of her hair and now i think of her clothes in this cotton commercial.

*i especially like that dress with the red bottom and grey top with the black cardi (or is it a skirt with a grey tank?) and the black/white tank dress that she held up against her bod.*

**like that little flower clippie thing she has on her head too**

you ARE killing me baby feet.

why does baby shoes make me so jealous….
i love you too much shoes. i love you so much that i am even checking out baby shoes.
i cannot be stopped and i wont.

these are a bit of gucci like:

i am not a big fan of denim and never have actually admitted yes to denim shoes.. but look at these…

yellow patent. need i say more.

here are more if you want to go crazee.

can someone make this my size.

i see all things cute especially when shopping for baby stuff (
like this one).
but why cant someone make it in real life adult size.
i am always out looking for dresses BUT they ALWAYS come in baby size.
if you are reading this and want to make me dresses because you want to, please call me or come over.
i am ready when you are. lets get crafty.

( i already know what i can wear with this jumper… i have my sandals my accessories picked out and ready to roll.
i am tres lame i know. but i dont care so you shouldnt because you know you are thinking of the same thing i am.)