boot clog boot clog boot clog

all these wood clog has been popping out everywhere but i wasnt really feeling it for my feet since i have bad ankles that sometimes when i am walking, it kind of just give out on me with no warning. and a clog is not good since i need contained shoes on my feet. so now i found these boot clog which i believe will contain my feet very well. its a boot with a clog but yet i can walk around not worrying that my ankle will give out and blast my shoe away from me (or hit some other stranger along the way).

reminder: size 8.
PLEASE. for the sake of my ankle or the stranger that i will hit with my shoe.
thank you very much.

i want someone to walk up to me and say – can i give your house a makeover

and i would say – HELLOOOOO YEESSSSS of course! ive been waiting for you to say that to me forever ago. i want my kitchen to be makeover.

when i am watching these home makeover show (well, more like the backyard makeover show) i always wish that i can be the one on tv and they can give my kitchen the biggest makeover EVER. i dont really have a *dream* kitchen since i think any makeover would rock. and then at the end of the show, when they blindfold me to reveal my new kitchen, i better cry and scream because that would mean that they have done something so good that i would pee in my pants.
so, HGTV, please please please come and find me and give me that satisfaction!!!

and if you were to come over this week, this is what i want my kitchen to be like. and if this is the kitchen that you will give me then you will have to makeover the rest of my house (or all the bathrooms) to match.

(you wont regret it.)

time share on jumpsuit

SO, i went shopping this weekend with my new lady friend and it was a true success. she found the coolest bestest stuff (and super deals) which she rocks in all of them. we went to max studio to look around since we were just trying to warm up to our shopping day. and behold she got all these awsum gear there. and when i was walking around, i saw the mannequin wearing this jumpsuit and we both love it and said we must try it on. we tried it and fell in love with it. instantly. it looked super good on and it was amazingly comfy. its the perfect outfit to wear for a long plane ride (always in search for the perfect plane outfit). you can totally dress it up in so many ways. all these images of different tops popped into my head as i was wearing it. but it was a bit more than what we would like to pay or what our wallet allows, so, we left it behind. but since then ive been thinking of the jumpsuit constantly and the same thing for my new lady friend. we talked about maybe doing a time share on this piece so that we can put our mind at ease. and of course i was so obsessed with the jumpsuit that i didnt even think to take a pic of us in it! i even thought about telling the saleslady to give it to me on the house and i would blog about it (but didnt since i never done that and not sure what the etiquette is and also its a big chain store so the chances are slim). but aside from the jumpsuit infatuation i am still shocked that max studio actually have stuff thats worth visiting.

and friend picked up these kick ass shoes that screams sexy as soon as it hits her feet.


umm…you rock…

i came across these tights and somehow it made me super happy and i wrote to them asking them to do a pair of yellow tights with carrots on them. dont know why carrots but thats the image that popped into my head. and then i thought – how awsum would it be if i can have my characters printed on a pair of tights. kind of like different tattoos on me but dont have to worry about my mom freaking out. oh please Les Queues de Sardines, lets team up!

i thought i was okay with my shoe lust until i let myself out

i thought i had put my shoe addiction on hold with the help of the recent holidays and santa claus. but when i let myself out today and saw all the new products that had landed on planet earth. all my shoe lust came back to me without warning. i saw and want a bunch but i am good and am only going to post my top two shoes for now.

i dont have the cash for these but posting about it kinda make me feel like i got them. its weird but it works sometimes.

these are the perfect oxfords that ive been searching for. AND the amazing thing about this pair is that it looks worn in and all beat up (just zoom in and take a look) AND look at the little heart charm dangling!!!! they would look oh-so-good with my dresses and skirts and pants and jeans and whatever else.

i dont have boots in this color and i love the chain link on the side. the shape and form of these shoes remind me of this pair of moon boots i had in college and how i wish i never got rid of them (what the hell was i thinking?)

p.s. – size 8 please.