its simple mathematic: stuff(more stuff) + bags = consume people!

ive been drawn to bright colored items lately… maybe its the recent superwarm weather thats making feel like its truly summer.
CONSUME CONSUME PEOPLE. thats what i keep telling myself and others around me.
(i tried to use this phrase in my daily routine. its good for you, you should do.)

i saw this

and instantly thought of my most beloved characters, arale from dr slump (or maybe sailor moon). this is something that she would wear (she loves her bow) on a day where she have to dress nice for her human master. *by the way, i SO rock her style. ive been looking for those specs since forever.*

helllooooo… i need this hair clippy thing in every color please. thank you.

i love my bags as you know. bags and shoes are my weakness but i need to buy more bags so i can put my shoes in the bags and my bags in the bags and so on. and besides i love stuff and bags are a great way to put stuff in.

this is a good one to have just when i want to feel like a little more grown up serious.
these bags will put me in a good mood because they are superhappy and those buttons!!! just look at those buttons!!! you just want to touch them…. wow. i can put the small leather chain sling inside the big leather bag and if situations call for it, i can take the small one out and go. perfect.

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