this is what i want to wear to bring on the new year.

i love bows. it makes me weak. it makes me reach into my money bag and into my wallet and CONSUME. but this is the best hugeness of bow ive come across and how can i not want it.

and i want to wear these leggings with my giant bow along with a black dress that i have in mind. the little top hat dude on the leggings might get stretch out a bit since i dont have stick like legs (i got meat) but who cares… i can somehow make it work. i just know it. and then it would be a perfect way to say hello to 2010. BRING IT ON. contact me and i will tell you where you can send me this combo.


lets get to a partee.

here are two dresses that i would like to wear to upcoming partees… or just around the neighborhood. (yes i have lots of dresses hanging pretty in the closet in which i said that i am buying them because they are perfect partee dresses… but hey, it doesnt hurt to get more because when special events come around, i wont have to go searching.)