The turkey is all about starting the holiday season and all the consuming and all the stuff for your stuff and all the jollypopping to come. i love this time of year from all the possible clothing you can put on yourself to buying gifts for others and just seeing the face on my little dude from putting up our tree and santa claus and opening all his presents. i love it. i just love it.



i have recently discovered a bunch of stuff that i want* and since with the lack of consuming cash, i decided to make my own cash-cash so that i can buy the stuff that i want. and with blogging about it, it would make me feel like i actually bought the items and fulfilled that desire hole in my brain. its kind of like adding stuff in my wish list.

so heres some stuff that ive been wanting to bring home:

1) Rue magazine.

2) Sausalito Moses Basket

3) Stadium-cloth Sasha peacoat

4) Glen plaid Sasha peacoat

5) stripe shirts are my new fav lately and i found some very good ones (like this). but i also want this Grayson Stripe Swing Tee

6) THE ORIGINAL MOROCCANOIL Oil Treatment – this has been on my list forever and with my cash-cash i figure why not get it now.

7) BOOTS. every fall season i have to get some boots. its in my blood to search for a new pair of boots every year. and every year i make the purchase or purchases and i will tell myself that i have all the boots in all the colors and i wont have to buy anymore the year after. and every year i lied. this year my goal is to find the perfect black boots without looking like i am wearing rainboots. i have these in Cognac and really do like them (even though everyone has them). and i feel like i should get the black ones since i know they fit. not sure. but heck, i got my cash-cash, why not.

8) a new cape for this fall/winter.

9) dinosaurs wallpaper (this one and/or this one).

i shall stop here before the list gets too long.

give me giant bat wings and i will take off.

i want the necklace of the red dress to go with all the above dresses.

HARVEY FAIRCLOTH is rocking out her spring/summer line.
i saw these and want to put them on and go flying up in the air with the giant fluffy marshmellow in the sky just like KiKi in the movie KiKi Delivery Service(and oh! her giant red bow! it inspires me the day i was exposed to the movie).
all the dresses contain a certain element of what i want in a dress – big puffy sleeves, pockets in the front, perfect length, buttons, a-line and SO much fun to be had.
oh! how i wish i can wear them when spring comes!! please show up at my door step and let me have you!

this is what i want to wear to bring on the new year.

i love bows. it makes me weak. it makes me reach into my money bag and into my wallet and CONSUME. but this is the best hugeness of bow ive come across and how can i not want it.

and i want to wear these leggings with my giant bow along with a black dress that i have in mind. the little top hat dude on the leggings might get stretch out a bit since i dont have stick like legs (i got meat) but who cares… i can somehow make it work. i just know it. and then it would be a perfect way to say hello to 2010. BRING IT ON. contact me and i will tell you where you can send me this combo.


lets get to a partee.

here are two dresses that i would like to wear to upcoming partees… or just around the neighborhood. (yes i have lots of dresses hanging pretty in the closet in which i said that i am buying them because they are perfect partee dresses… but hey, it doesnt hurt to get more because when special events come around, i wont have to go searching.)

i just want one.

i just want one because i have everything hello kitty and most of what i have i dont use but i have it because its hello kitty. so, why not this as well. bring it on. i am sure i can find some way of using this or showing this off. but just knowing i have it in my possession makes me happy. i am addicted to this mouthless kitty. in other words, CONSUME it.

the reasoning of consuming that makes me myself.

ok. the fall is FINALLY here. (thank you controller of weather machine for answering my letters.)

and in my book, it means boots boots boots… every year i go (its the part of my biological clock for consuming boots that sets off) and hunt down my ideal boots and every year i end up with a new pair (or more) of boots in my shoe-box-filled closet. and of course along the way, i end up finding other shoes that i desire and then it leads me to bags and then accessories and then dresses and so on and on. you get the idea.
in summary – CONSUME is me. and all this happens around the time of holiday seasons which DOES NOT help since i loose TOTAL control and cant tell the difference between desire and my bank account. (i do lots of mind consuming since in actuality i cant afford all my wants.) in the end i buy more than i can and then have to stop for awhile and then another season kicks in and i start all over again. and AMERICA – this is what we called C.O.N.S.U.M.I.N.G. (call me if you dont understand. hire me on and i will be your private consumer.)

back to shoes. these are some of the shoe-things i came across as i was searching for boots. take notes and remember this – i am size 8,call me, and send me the goods. thank you. xoxox/jollypop, ME.

chie mihara platform pumps

this reminds me of my farylrobin that are still living in my shoe box. oops. i should take them out for a ride.

this is very similar to the muimui flats

kicking it with TOMS (shoes) and dancing along the way. too.

these shoes (specifically the sparkly ones) have been on my mind since i first spotted them way back when. but i never fully engaged my shoes filled mind until recently.

UNTIL RECENTLY when i saw my gal rachel wearing it AND THATS when i said to myself hey i remember you TOMS shoes from way back. and here i am telling you all about it and wanting them and OF COURSE getting them. (so i can free up a shoe spot for some other newly desired shoes.)

this pair is pretty happening. but yet, i am not too sure i am ready for you.

go get them. i was told that they are pretty comfy and supercute and guarantee that your feet will attract lots of eyeballs.

*and watch for future post about me booting me some new fall boots.*