those crazee japanese…i am lost for words for this. whatwhywhatwhatbutwhy…

my superbff informed me of this superhot trend going on in japan right now. see-through panties printed on skirts.

i am sooooo confused by my own thoughts when i look at these pictures. do they print them on shorts? on pants? on panties? i just think its SO wrong but at the same time i want to see more. more please. is the butt from the same model? or do they use different model for each size? i have sooooo many questions…. i need to know more.

whats my mom going to say.

(the japanese got my attention. again.)

you know its summer when i am constantly scratching myself.

when summer comes thats when all the mosquitoes find their way to my limbs. dont ask me why but they just do. i must have the sweetest blood ever. sometimes i wish its cold in the summer so i can wear a coverall and say – shoo shoo mosquitoes. or maybe i just need to get OFF.

(i hate you mosquitoes and all bugs.i really really do.)

Mini Burlysac – ShooShoo Mosquito

i cant fight this feeling anymore.


i have to get this out.
its been inside me for too long.
i cant fight this feeling anymore.

with tlc’s jon and kate plus 8 going on for the past years AND the increasing popularity it has gained AND with the recent unfortunate developments, all we see on newstands are pictures of jon or kate (in bikini) on the covers. this has reminded me something that i had try to forget: how come no one has ever talked or solved kate’s upside-down-backward mullet-rooster-like-hair fang thing?????

what IS up with that. i ask of you.

from the way beginning when i first saw her on tv, her hair caught my attention and i kept watching the show thinking something and someone will give her a new hairdo. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED. not only that, her hair-fang-rooster-like-thing kept increasing its power. (i am convinced that she gets her power from those hair fang-like-thing and thats the secret ingredient to the show and its success.)

TLC, I KNOW YOU because i have watched you many many a-times (thank you for all the those mystery diagnosis, tree man, i didnt know i was pregnant shows) and i know you had jon and kate plus 8 teamed up with Emeril, American Choppers, Ace of Cake… how come you never got stacy and clinton from What Not To Wear with jon and kate??? are you afraid??? what will nick arrojo do with kate’s fang?? that would be THE ULTIMATE show because kate can yell at nick before nick chops off her hair and then jon can come in and say that he doesnt want to get a divorce anymore because kate finally got rid of her evil power engineered hair fang. and they all live happily ever after.

come on, think about it. do it for the kids. (YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.)


i can collect more if i have one of these. or maybe i need one of these in each room.

this is what i need for all my existing and future magazines.
but i want them in different colors so that it can be color coded and i can file my magazines accordingly. and every now and then i will rotate them in different rooms so they will have a fair chance of being with me and with different dust bunnies.

fair enough? I SAY YES.

and i shall enjoy my readings just like her
ONLY minus her mini version of an ikea chair
which i am sure its way more comfortable and its ORANGE.
(this girl is way color coordinated. her orange gear and her green reading materials.)

come back to me. why dont you PLEASE.

as my daily dose i read along with miffy daily*.

and 2 days ago i realized the read along with miffy was gone (i added the read along with miffy on the above pic). i thought nothing of it. i blamed my computer for being moody.
BUT now i know its truly gone since others have tried it out on their computer and its not there anymore.

Dear Mr. Dick Bruna:
please tell me. i need to know. i deserve to know.


summer adventure

this one goes out to my BFF who always lives far away form me (you know who you are)but who i always stay connect with by the special technology of planet earth. and today (late last night nyc time) he begins his summer-venture…

go and get them.

and this song* is to kick off your summer fun

*i love this song so much that i tried to use it as much as i can. this was used on my very very special day as my entry to the people.


its finally warm today… not too hot. nice and toasty.
perfect for picnic. this is what i want in my basket please.
lots of finger sandwiches, little mini tarts, cakes and scones. i guess i am asking for high tea* in a picnic basket.
and yes. please pack them up and come and pick me up.
and i will bring my old school rock box with lots of 80s and SOFT ROCK. yah.

*if you ever want high tea in the city (and why wouldnt you) you HAVE to go to The Rotunda at NM. its SOOOO good.AND if you are lucky, they have models all dressed up to show off their products. its an odd experience for both you and the model**. they walk around and they pause at each table to show off whatever products they have to. and you, while stuffing your face, have to kind of acknowledge them in some way. so, to be polite i usually smile and hide the fact that i have food in my mouth.

**and this is what i would like to wear when i go to high tea and if thats not possible, i would like to see this being model and she will be asked to sit down to high tea with me. thank you.

vogue girl korea 2007 via
fashion nation