the things that i do and did and buy and thought of that you might want to know.

some things that i came upon while i am on vacation:

1) what ever happened to fido dido? i used to have shirts and sunglasses? where is he? (maybe hanging out with emily the strange?)
2) i got the perfect marc jacobs glasses! finally. its perfect. exactly what ive been searching for. i never seen it back home. oh i cant wait to get them back and put them on and show my proud and happy glasses face all around town.
3) saw and tried on this superawsum dress at zara. it has these should pads and very balenciaga like. the only problem is a little bit too short. i like my dress short but not so short that i cant even bend over to put my shoe on. i have to go back and check the hem line to see if i can let some out so that i can buy them. i hope they still have my size.
4) went crazee at mikihouse and want everything and more. (click here if you want to purchase in US.)
5) muji muji muji. more muji.
6) miffy miffy miffy. find me some more miffy.

i am wet at all times.


thats what ive been up to. all i do is sweat since i started my vacation.
i have to adjust (i.e. sacrifice) my daily outfits because of the sweating.
when i am on vacation i like to take advantage and go even more crazee…
i just have to stay inside stores to keep me cool and keep consuming.
(i consume wherever i go. i live it.)

i need to throw my new products a party.


i cant be more happy with my recent unexpected purchases (consume consumer people!).
i found this jacket ON SALE and i almost screamed when i found this.
ive been thinking about all the different outfits i can wear with and show off. just look at her. she is like david byrne‘s big suit* (with awsum puffy sleeves) mixed with sailor moon‘s wardrobe. c’mon people you know you are jealous because i am jealous of me for having it. BUT of course i havent wore it at all since its been so damn hot out here! (i just refer to the jacket as she?? what? whatever.)

as for the necklace, i went into a kids store to look for cute little things and i saw it when i walked in but ignore it since i felt kind of silly for falling in love with a kids’ necklace. but when i was checking out there it was again…. i just had to pick it up and put it on and say – you are mine and we are going home together.


*lets dance david byrne style

its simple mathematic: stuff(more stuff) + bags = consume people!

ive been drawn to bright colored items lately… maybe its the recent superwarm weather thats making feel like its truly summer.
CONSUME CONSUME PEOPLE. thats what i keep telling myself and others around me.
(i tried to use this phrase in my daily routine. its good for you, you should do.)

i saw this

and instantly thought of my most beloved characters, arale from dr slump (or maybe sailor moon). this is something that she would wear (she loves her bow) on a day where she have to dress nice for her human master. *by the way, i SO rock her style. ive been looking for those specs since forever.*

helllooooo… i need this hair clippy thing in every color please. thank you.

i love my bags as you know. bags and shoes are my weakness but i need to buy more bags so i can put my shoes in the bags and my bags in the bags and so on. and besides i love stuff and bags are a great way to put stuff in.

this is a good one to have just when i want to feel like a little more grown up serious.
these bags will put me in a good mood because they are superhappy and those buttons!!! just look at those buttons!!! you just want to touch them…. wow. i can put the small leather chain sling inside the big leather bag and if situations call for it, i can take the small one out and go. perfect.

i NEED to blog. i urge it.

i am SOOOOOO excited for my most favorite-couple-bff-superfriends.
AND i am SO drunk with yeahs and clapping…
i cant help myself but only to scream yeah and clap everytime i think about the news. (that was pretty much the message i left on the voicemail since i was speechless because i have so much to say and so many questions to ask and all i find myself doing is to scream yeahs and clap nonstop.)

congrats guys (you know who you are).
i am gitty with all good stuff. yeahhhhhhh (clap clap clap).

this is a picture of me feeling it when i heard your news.

MJ: heal the world. make it a better place. for you and for me and the entire human race.

dear mr. MJ.

i cannot watch any teevee without hearing about you.
i cannot listen to the radio without hearing about you.
therefore today in honor of you,
i will and shall be watching my old stories with my friend, VCR and DVD.
thank you.
(fyi, i am always using your lyrics as part of my day-to-day on-the-go for reason that i do know why. just because its weird and i make it work somehow.)

MJ inspires me to doodle teevee/fun-box.