family equationNew math: 4+1=5. We are now a family of 5. We welcomed baby Owen in this December and we are truly over the moon over this little guy. He is a super happy baby and knowing that he is our last, it makes me want to hold on to him a little more or if I could slow-mo his growth. He has already been on many adventures since he is always tagging along with his brother and sister. He goes where I go because he is a strictly boobie baby and just like the other two, he only takes milk directly from the source and no pumping is required.

Owen does not any of the medical condition that Milo and Matilda have but we are keeping an eye on his eyes since he could get what Milo has. But otherwise, he is a baby with no special needs and as a family joke, he is the weirdo in our family.

I will write another post about being a mother of three and what has changed and what new products have come in handy for our Owen.






Hello World. I am back.

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Hello world. I am back. I have been out of posting and illustrating for my blog for too long. I will give you a quick explanation as to why I have disappeared. First, you can see that I have a new updated site which I have been working on and off for awhile. (If you are still seeing this in the my blogspot site, please go here and check it out.) I’ve started working part time as a consultant awhile back on top of being a stay at home mom. Then, I got pregnant. We just welcomed our little baby boy this December.

So now, I have a somewhat newborn (who I am strictly nursing), 2 kids in school and with tons of after school activities, still working part time and I want to be better and blog again. There are tons of people who does the same and more and I think I can do it. It might not be a daily or even a weekly thing, but I will do it, somehow. I will be back and please come back and click on me. Thank you for your kind attention.




I have finally come out of blog hibernation. I don’t know what happened but things have been non stop since the holidays (which seems like forever ago) and unfortunately posting my blog was the last on my list of things to do. But I am trying to come back to the world of posting and I hope all my lovely readers out there are still checking back because I am trying to make a come back. We have been so busy lately, from the kids to doing lots of little side projects and taking little trip here and there. It has been a great year so far. We took the kids to Disneyland in mid January and it was awsum. We picked the low season because I do not want to deal with crowds especially for Milo and it turned out great. We also make our way up to Tahoe for snow playing with friends and that was pretty great too. We are trying to make more trips with the kiddies this year via our car and I cannot wait for more adventures. I will try to post more pictures of the kids soon. 
Spring is here or has been here and I know it more than ever as I see all the little bugs coming out and in case you didn’t know, I do not like bugs. 
P.S. My two superheroes have been well, everything has been pretty stable and I hope it will continue this way. I will update more. I promise because what mother doesn’t like to talk about their kids. 


Happy (almost) Halloween everyone. We did a bunch of Halloween activities with the kids this past weekend and the last weekend and I keep forgetting that Halloween is not even here yet. I still have to go out and buys bags of candies to give out on Halloween. I don’t know why I keep forgetting and I have to make sure I won’t get the kind that I like because I don’t want to end up eating them.

Trick or Treat,


I was interviewed by Clutter magazine and I am so honored and feeling so happy and so great and a little bit of shy. I want to say thank you to Erick Scarecrow for introducing. I want to say thank you to Miranda O’Brien for the opportunity. I want to say thank you to Erica Patterson for the interview. It’s amazing what people that you don’t know would do for you and it makes this more amazing and it makes me feel even more honored. THANK YOU THANK YOU. You guys are pretty awsum. xo. me