1)  Raincoat: Hatley  
2) Matilda: Top: MiniBoden | Pants: Hanna Anderson | Shoes: Milo’s || Milo: Top: JCrew | Shorts: Target | Shoes:NewBalance
3) Top: MUJI | Pants: Hanna Anderson
4  5   6 
4) Milo as Robot 
5) Matilda wearing her last year’s bee costume. Milo wearing Matilda’s this year’s Foofa costume.        
6) This all happened after trick-or-treating when they were giving out candies to the trick-or-treaters. Milo as Chewbacca and Matilda just gave up on wearing pants.
7  8   9 
7) Milo as Captain America and Matilda as a garden gnome for a Halloween parade in town.
8) On the actual Halloween night, Milo decided to be Batman Wolverine and Matilda decided to be Foofa. 9) We were on the way from our house to trick-or-treat.
10  11 12
10) Milo as Batman when I took him to walk around on the day of Halloween.
11) Milo with his Halloween crafty hat the week before Halloween.
12) Matilda sporting her mustache.

Halloween stayed and finally went bye-bye. We pretty much got excited about Halloween a month or so before the actual day and we made the mistake of asking Milo what he wanted to be for Halloween. It switched in a daily basis and when we took him shopping 3 weeks before the actual day, he decided he wanted to be Plex from YoGabbaGabba. Unfortunately the largest size they had was 3-4 years old. So, Milo picked Batman. For the next week or so, he bounced from Batman to Antman to Hawkeye and all the other superheroes. We told him that he needed to make up his mind and Captain America was his final decision. (We kept the Batman costume since Milo dresses up pretty often.) Matilda didn’t really care who she was going to be and being only 20months old, we got to decide for her. We chose Foofa from YoGabbaGabba. We would put Matilda in her costume several times a week to get her used to it but she really didnt care for it that much, so, I got her a garden gnome costume since its just a dress and she would be better about wearing it.

Both kids’s school had a Halloween party and we took the kids to town for the annual Halloween parade follow by trick-or-treating. We went to a pumpkin patch and did all the bouncy houses, haunted houses, pony riding and the train ride.

A week before Halloween, we practiced walking around our neighborhood with the kids when it was light out and when it was dark out. We wanted Milo to know what to expect, from getting used to walking in the dark and having decorations lighting around people’s houses. I highly suggest doing this with kids, especially with VI kids because it really helps to minimize his/her’s anxiety and the unknown especially the blinking/flashing decoration lights.

We ended up trick-or-treating at 7 houses! We are SO very proud of Milo and he was great about it. We were only going to go to 1 house but we did 7 instead. And he picked the house with very minimal decorations and no flashing lights of any kinds. Matilda did all of those and was very good! We came back to our place and Milo loved passing out candies to everyone and seeing all their costume.

We had a great Halloween and I am so proud of my superheroes. Milo decided to be BatmanWolverine and Matilda insisted on being Foofa on the night of Halloween. But for their school party, Milo was Captain America and Matilda was a garden gnome. Then again, it’s like Halloween at our home everyday because they love to dress up.


seriously guys. autumn is my most favorite season. its the perfect weather for fashion, at least in my book, its the beginning of all the wonderful holidays and the colors of autumn is pretty rocking too. i always miss living in the east coast around this time with the foliage and the sounds of my feet crunching the leaves. it all sounds so wonderful but guess what people, AUTUMN HAS NOT ARRIVED YET!!!! and this year i better get it because autumn cheated on me last year and i will never forget. i am ready for my boots-tights-wearing-and-much-layering-but not necessarily a winter coat wearing weather. this household has been ready for you since summer, SO get going and push that heat loving summer out of your way.

thank you very much.


go outside tonight and look at the moon because its moon/mid autumn festival today. and if you like your mooncake, have one under the moon. i dont not like it nor do i really care for it. i have introduced the mooncake to friends before and out of all of them, theres only one that actually really likes them but she is under Berlin moon tonight. i think of her every mooncake day because i still cant believe she likes them.



summer has officially (kind of?)ended with the end of summer vacation and all the back to school sale being over. but weather wise, it is still summer warm here and i cannot wait for my favorite season to arrive. fall was a huge disappointment last year because it cheated on us and it never came. when fall does fall, it makes me miss living in the east coast with all the foliage and all the beautiful colors.

milo started his new preschool last week and it went off pretty well even if he missed his first day of school due to his scheduled EUA. speaking of his EUA, to our surprise and to his doctor, milo’s eye pressure was at 17 which is super good so he doesnt need surgery yet but as the doctor stated it wont be long before he grows out of his valve and need a replacement. at the same time, his occularist was there to take another impression of his left eye for his future sclera shell (so NOT looking forward to that again).

this is the second week of school for milo and he is there three times a week for about 4 hours each time and so far, he is liking his big boy school. his main teacher and his VI (vision impaired)teacher are super great. milo is doing pretty good with his potty training! a HUGE yeah.

matilda has her behavioral hearing test this friday and we will hopefully get a better idea as to how much hearing loss she has. she is sitting up very well on her own and is doing everything except for moving forward. she gets up on all fours all the time and i bet she will be crawling in no time.

as for stuff, this is all the update i have so far. i am just waiting for the weather to be fall so i can really look forward to the beginning of all the great holidays beginning with halloween. i am never a big fan of halloween but now that i have kids, i really do love it and its also a kick start to the upcoming wonderful holidays like turkey eating day and christmas. lets get it started people.



The turkey is all about starting the holiday season and all the consuming and all the stuff for your stuff and all the jollypopping to come. i love this time of year from all the possible clothing you can put on yourself to buying gifts for others and just seeing the face on my little dude from putting up our tree and santa claus and opening all his presents. i love it. i just love it.


short-wish-list on a rainy sunday.

its the first rain of the fall season after that annoying heat wave. i hope this will mean that fall is finally here to stay. it has to since i got my first pair of boots for this very fall season. heres some findings i did in the past few days. i am keeping it short since i am trying hard to not want too much.
here it goes:

these books ends are too cute. i want them all and put them all over our house since we got rooms in almost all our rooms. they are SO very cute and yet so very pricey but i SO want them.

their Dame and Knight A/W2010 line is pretty freaking fantastic. i want everything and somehow the girl model reminds me of Bjork. their dresses are my style especially the length. come to me or come to america or feel free to send me to you.


i have recently discovered a bunch of stuff that i want* and since with the lack of consuming cash, i decided to make my own cash-cash so that i can buy the stuff that i want. and with blogging about it, it would make me feel like i actually bought the items and fulfilled that desire hole in my brain. its kind of like adding stuff in my wish list.

so heres some stuff that ive been wanting to bring home:

1) Rue magazine.

2) Sausalito Moses Basket

3) Stadium-cloth Sasha peacoat

4) Glen plaid Sasha peacoat

5) stripe shirts are my new fav lately and i found some very good ones (like this). but i also want this Grayson Stripe Swing Tee

6) THE ORIGINAL MOROCCANOIL Oil Treatment – this has been on my list forever and with my cash-cash i figure why not get it now.

7) BOOTS. every fall season i have to get some boots. its in my blood to search for a new pair of boots every year. and every year i make the purchase or purchases and i will tell myself that i have all the boots in all the colors and i wont have to buy anymore the year after. and every year i lied. this year my goal is to find the perfect black boots without looking like i am wearing rainboots. i have these in Cognac and really do like them (even though everyone has them). and i feel like i should get the black ones since i know they fit. not sure. but heck, i got my cash-cash, why not.

8) a new cape for this fall/winter.

9) dinosaurs wallpaper (this one and/or this one).

i shall stop here before the list gets too long.