fall is my most favorite weather. one of the reason is because i can have many options for outfits – i can pretty much wear all the clothes i have in my closet.
i saw the Orla Kiely fall/winter 2010-11 line (via VOGUE UK) and it makes me wish that fall can come right now!

what i love the most in all these outfits are the bags and the shoes! the shoes with the socks. i love it. i want to know who make this specific shoes???! but for now, i shall replace them with these SEE BY CHLOÉ (size 8).

i like.

these outfits from Zara are super cute and i want to dress just like them. is it illegal to want to use little girls’ outfit as my closet inspirations? (if so, maybe law & order should do a story on this.) who cares. clothes are clothes.

i use stools especially in my closet and kitchen (and sometimes in places when i would step up and suck up big monster spiders with my vacuum) and this stool would make me feel not so short and silly.

i would love to have this little nina’s house for a baby. i can put it in every room in the house. i really do want it. maybe someone can build one for me.

this desk is enough for what i need and perfect size to have in our room as an additional office space. maybe the person that will build my nina’s house can also build this one. it looks pretty simple, right. maybe i have some carpenter reader on my blog? i will decorate your hammer with nice little pretty things if you are so willing? call me.

i called it nice.

i had the pleasure of finally meeting giselle (visit her here and here please) in real face time. and i must say it WAS a real pleasure. she is super sweet and super wonderful. we had a yummie lunch at Outerlands. i was nervous at first (since we only comunicated via email/facebook/twitter), almost like a blind date, but as soon as i met her it was super easy and we chatted away. thank you giselle. i had a great time and i cant wait to hear all about the arrival of your baby in 2 weeks! best of luck and lets go another date when you are ready.