another week another list of things i like to have.

i like –

the Clarity project (good place for someone who wants to buy something something sparkly and special for someone thats filled with bubbly hearts.)

Polarno Pyret’s neck warmer for baby

Emerson Made – i want it all.

i like the bed but i really like the bed tent for my little dude.

the micuna furniture is nice and simple and the colors are so soft.

this BOW scarf is awsum but of course is sold out right now.

these 80%20 – women’s eliotte suede boots is a must have especially with the toggles. i am a sucka for toggle.

i saw these Minnetonka® fringed low moccasins in store and they are pretty cute and the price is great.

just for kicks, i would like to try this Komenuka Bijin shampoo since my current shampoo will run out soon.

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