i want all this for my perfect imaginary day.

i see this ad everywhere i go when i am here on vacation. i want it and i am finding a place to get my hair cut just like hers. i am trying grow my hair long again but i want a head of new fresh and healthy hair. SO, it might take a couple rounds of short hair style before getting new growth. this is a good style to start.

this is a perfect warm weather day dress. i think i had something like this when i was young (except for the high slit on the side).

toggle buttons! its hard to find these on a non kid jacket.

ive been wanting a bike but now i think i want this (Amish made Scooter. YES> AMISH MADE.) instead.

for the arrival of warm weather and warmer weather approaching i want to find ways to do more fun outside stuff with more fun warm weather clothing. and all this together is EXACTLY what i want and what i could wear everyday.

this commercial got my attention.

i want to watch this commercial in slow motion and have it on repeat and then freeze frame it and then blow it up and then have some type of modern technology that can take the dresses out and make it my size. is that too much to ask.
and also, whenever i see her hair, i want to DIE because my head screams for her perfect bangs and hair. i dont really care much about this zooey girl. when i think of her, i think of her hair and now i think of her clothes in this cotton commercial.

*i especially like that dress with the red bottom and grey top with the black cardi (or is it a skirt with a grey tank?) and the black/white tank dress that she held up against her bod.*

**like that little flower clippie thing she has on her head too**

’tis the season to decorate my neck.

its neck warming time and with all the holidays coming around, i like to have some bright and fun happenings going on around my neck to make cloudy day into happy cloudy day. and today i had time to peek around etsy for some stuff for my neck.

this is perfect EXCEPT will they get dirty easily since i can see myself kissing them pompoms when they are around my neck (if you dont know this, there are a few things that i just have to kiss (aside from my man and my boy) because of the texture or just because they asked me to: marshmallow, pancakes, and others that i cant remember now. it might sound rather weird/strange/freakish. well, thats because it is and i dont care.) *and oh yes. i want her hair. i always dream of a fro*

theres something about this simple necklace that i am drawn to. it reminds me of something something but i dont know what. my brain is not telling me but it keeps hinting to me, so, it must be something good.

and as for this bunny. i just want a bunch of them and have them on a chain link and around my neck or on my head or on my wrist. i need them and i need someone supercrafty to help me to put this together. anyone?