Milo: Yo Gabba Gabba concert tee / Gap Kids pants (home pants we called them.) / Gap Kids Superman long sleeve
Matilda: MUJI long sleeve / Mothercare UK pants

Pictures like these make me so happy. These days, when the both of them interact with one another, it is the best thing of my day. I can’t stop smiling and I wish at that moment, everyone I know can come over and witness the cuteness between the two. They are my team and they are each other’s team. They are the perfect team. They are each other’s eyes and ears. Literally. Milo got the super hearing power (with his only one seeing low vision eye) and Matilda has super vision power (with her hearing loss).

Milo and Matilda are what I do each and every day. I can count how many times out of both their lives that I left them with someone else. It’s almost never. It’s not that I don’t choose to or I am a crazy overprotected parent, it’s just that I like to hang out with them and there’s really nothing that important that I have to go to. My hubby and I probably had 4 to 5 date nights since we had Milo and that was almost 4 years ago. We had talked about how it would be nice to go on dates and get someone to come and babysit, but we thought why go through all that (or to bother my parents when they are in town) when we can take them out with us because we like to hang out with them. But recently, I have given this more thoughts and how it would be very nice to go on a date with my hubby even if it’s just a quick dinner, a nice stroll around town or a quick lunch picnic. Because seriously, I think we need that. My parents were in town and we went on a quick dinner date and it was really nice. Really nice. It made me feel refresh and made me appreciate him more in ways that I haven’t because we never take time out for ourselves. But here’s the thing, it is not super easy to find a babysitter and even if I do, I need to train this babysitter on all the extra things that he/she will need to do to take care of Milo in case of medical emergency like his peanut allergy, his asthma, and his prosthesis and how to take it out if it starts to bother him. Would that be too much to ask from a kid, assuming that the babysitter is a kid like it used to be? Are there rules out there about babysitting special needs children in the world of The Babysitter Club*? With all these questions and somewhat concerns, that’s why we never really made an effort to search for one. It’s not because I won’t trust the babysitter, it just seems like it’s too much to ask for an hour or two. Anyone? (I wish I can ask the teacher assistant in his Early Start Program to babysit because he knows them. But how do you ask them that? It seems like of weird. Right?)

*The Babysitter Club. I am speaking of the series that I read when I was growing up. Do kids still read this or do they have other updated version of this like the Twilight coolness of Babysitter Club.


i am very lucky that i get to spend mothers day with my mom and also with my little dude and my little baby. being a recent mom i now realize how much hearts oozes out of you upon your children. it is such an amazingly amazing thing to have. i ooze hearts all day long and all the time for my two wonderful children and i know my mom has been doing that to my brother and i as well.

i heart my mom.
i heart being a mom.
i think of the moms that are not with me but i heart them truly : my grandmothers and my mother-in-law. you gals are still rocking my world.
to one of my most dear friend who just had her little baby girl – HAPPY FIRST MOTHERS DAY to you! (you know who you are)



i knew that i wanted an iPad2 the day they announced the release date. i planned on placing an order online since i knew that they would be sold out at the store. i planned a trip with my two little ones soon after the release date and an idea of having an iPad2 for my toddler on the plane got stuck in my head. i knew there were no way i would get one by ordering online and so i did a little looking around and realized the best chance to get one was to wait in line early in the morning since stores get daily shipments and sometimes it includes iPad2. i told my main dude hubby of the idea and how maybe i should do that so i could have it for my trip. i was of course half joking since i have a 2.5 month old at home that needs nursing (and the other half i was hoping that i could since i wanted one).

to get to the point of this posting – my main dude got up super early for me and waited in line. after the first morning, he knew what to expect and woke up at 3am for the next 3 days and on the 4th try, he did it. he even got exactly the one i wanted. its amazing. both my dude and the ipad2 but the latter is not as amazing as my main dude of course. all i could think of every morning when he woke up was – you would do that for me?
i admit, i felt horrible for ever mentioning the idea to him and each morning when he got up to go i would tell him to stop but he went. and while he was gone, i wouldn’t be able to sleep well because all i could do was think about him standing for 4 hours in the cold and in the rain just because i wanted the iPad2 for my trip.

i love my crazee dude. not because he got me my iPad2 but because he went and did that for me even knowing that he might not even be able to get one at all. i am one lucky girl.

how can i not have this. its made for me. i am going to die now thank you.

i saw this via unplggd and i was about to have a heart attack. but i pulled myself together and realized i need to be alive because this is what i live for. for some of you, you might not know this, but i love vacuum (shocking?). i said it. I LOVE MY VACUUMS. when i see them in stores i stopped to look and admire them and wishes i can bring them all home and tried it out. when i see infomercial about vacuums, i would watch them. i would sit and watch it over and over again. i dont know why but i am obsessed with vacuums. i think its one of the best invention EVER. but now, look at this. i always want to put googlie eyes all over my vacuum…. look at this…. I NEED THIS IN ALL COLORS AND ALL SIZES. PLEASE PLEASE PLEAE… ONE IN EACH ROOM….. I LOVE YOU.

(i am a complete dork but i am not afraid to say i love vacuums.)