reunited and it feels so good.

ive been away since last week and i had the bestest bestest long weekend EVER because i was there for reason of LOVE (i.e. wedding of my superbff couple) AND i got to see all my closest oldest friend and theres nothing better. IT WAS TOO GOOD. and so sad when i had to say bye.

me your friend.

P.S. damn you planet earth for being so big and separating us all over.

it was my first and i did it.

i had an awsum weekend. i threw my very first bridal shower for my girl and we had tons of girlie fun. BUT what made it so special was seeing her ever so aswum dress. she looked AMAZING of course (her booties were screaming yeah look at me you know you are jealous). she was SOOOOO ridiculously thrilled with the dress that it took awhile before she took it off. that day made my weekend. SO happy to see her so happy and so in love.(oh. i am such a sucker for romance and seeing people in love. it makes me superly happy which explains why i love those cheezy movies that i see on the plane. damn you cheezy movies but i admit that i love it and i am not afraid to say it.
cant wait til the final real day. (oh! i am getting so gitty happy just thinking about it.)

i NEED to blog. i urge it.

i am SOOOOOO excited for my most favorite-couple-bff-superfriends.
AND i am SO drunk with yeahs and clapping…
i cant help myself but only to scream yeah and clap everytime i think about the news. (that was pretty much the message i left on the voicemail since i was speechless because i have so much to say and so many questions to ask and all i find myself doing is to scream yeahs and clap nonstop.)

congrats guys (you know who you are).
i am gitty with all good stuff. yeahhhhhhh (clap clap clap).

this is a picture of me feeling it when i heard your news.

summer adventure

this one goes out to my BFF who always lives far away form me (you know who you are)but who i always stay connect with by the special technology of planet earth. and today (late last night nyc time) he begins his summer-venture…

go and get them.

and this song* is to kick off your summer fun

*i love this song so much that i tried to use it as much as i can. this was used on my very very special day as my entry to the people.