the things that i do and did and buy and thought of that you might want to know.

some things that i came upon while i am on vacation:

1) what ever happened to fido dido? i used to have shirts and sunglasses? where is he? (maybe hanging out with emily the strange?)
2) i got the perfect marc jacobs glasses! finally. its perfect. exactly what ive been searching for. i never seen it back home. oh i cant wait to get them back and put them on and show my proud and happy glasses face all around town.
3) saw and tried on this superawsum dress at zara. it has these should pads and very balenciaga like. the only problem is a little bit too short. i like my dress short but not so short that i cant even bend over to put my shoe on. i have to go back and check the hem line to see if i can let some out so that i can buy them. i hope they still have my size.
4) went crazee at mikihouse and want everything and more. (click here if you want to purchase in US.)
5) muji muji muji. more muji.
6) miffy miffy miffy. find me some more miffy.

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