summer has officially (kind of?)ended with the end of summer vacation and all the back to school sale being over. but weather wise, it is still summer warm here and i cannot wait for my favorite season to arrive. fall was a huge disappointment last year because it cheated on us and it never came. when fall does fall, it makes me miss living in the east coast with all the foliage and all the beautiful colors.

milo started his new preschool last week and it went off pretty well even if he missed his first day of school due to his scheduled EUA. speaking of his EUA, to our surprise and to his doctor, milo’s eye pressure was at 17 which is super good so he doesnt need surgery yet but as the doctor stated it wont be long before he grows out of his valve and need a replacement. at the same time, his occularist was there to take another impression of his left eye for his future sclera shell (so NOT looking forward to that again).

this is the second week of school for milo and he is there three times a week for about 4 hours each time and so far, he is liking his big boy school. his main teacher and his VI (vision impaired)teacher are super great. milo is doing pretty good with his potty training! a HUGE yeah.

matilda has her behavioral hearing test this friday and we will hopefully get a better idea as to how much hearing loss she has. she is sitting up very well on her own and is doing everything except for moving forward. she gets up on all fours all the time and i bet she will be crawling in no time.

as for stuff, this is all the update i have so far. i am just waiting for the weather to be fall so i can really look forward to the beginning of all the great holidays beginning with halloween. i am never a big fan of halloween but now that i have kids, i really do love it and its also a kick start to the upcoming wonderful holidays like turkey eating day and christmas. lets get it started people.

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