ONE: Orfeo – Mimilou – School bag bird

TWO: Lauren Moffatt Wool Pea Coat

THREE: Jonathan Adler pop menagerie lion ornament

FOUR: CATBIRD Alphabet Rings – Gold


SIX: Jonathan Adler lion rug

SEVEN: Jonathan Adler elephants salt and pepper

EIGHT: the bestest wallpaper ive seen in a long time

NINE: Bamboo Radio

TEN: Clarevivier La Tropézienne bag – the most simple brown leather bag ive seen in awhile and i wish i can touch it just to see how soft it is. i wonder how much it weights since i hate heavy leather bags.

ELEVEN: Orla Kiely Pattern book. A must have.

TWELVE: Linge De Maison Housse de couette Chantier bed sheets. i really like the simple boyish pattern. it gives me such a clean happy feeling.

THIRTEEN: OFFI Mini-Drawer Doodle Desk (in orange). my little dude would like this. i just know it.

FOURTEEN: Jonathan Adler apple pillows

FIFTEEN: Orla Kiely Big Zip wallet – i have one of these in different pattern and i ABSOLUTELY love it. i am always scared that it will break one day and if i have a spare it would make me feel so safe.

* i realized that this wish list is a very neutral orange theme. i guess thats whats attracting my eyes these days.*

perfect pretty printed matters on my coffee table

i want these items on my coffee table. as for the books, i came across them during my routine shopping trip to Anthropologie and i want every single one of them because the book covers are just so pretty and i just want to hold them and rub my fingers along the embossed patterns (that kinda sounded dirty?). its hard to find good book covers these days. and if you do, they are usually book jackets. and i bet these books would make a wonderful gift as well. mothers day maybe? i wish they have more of these books and then i would want to get all of them and buy a small bookshelf and put them all in it and call it my pretty books collection.