ONE.Shinzi Katoh’s sad little bear mug is so sadly cute. TWO.these swoop bags are just what i need to organize all of milo’s toys. THREE.i am a sucker for scalloped pattern + for Chloé sunglasses. FOUR.i know i posted this Lauren Moffatt dress but i just had to since i want it & its a perfect dress for those july 4th bbq’s social events. FIVE.i love Hello Kitty & i wouldn’t mind having this dock speaker on my desk or even in the bathroom when i am doing my toothbrusing facewashing. SIX.cupcake mixer. SEVEN.i didn’t know i always wanted a raccoon tee until i saw this. EIGHT.i want a break from my usual red polish and purple is my favorite color. NINE.i recently discovered Kork-Ease and made a purchase and now i want this as well. TEN.i haven’t wore a watch for so long that i don’t even remember,but i saw this and i want it. i cant decide if i want black or white. ELEVEN.i like anything that i can interchange – RAYBAN.


ONE: Orfeo – Mimilou – School bag bird

TWO: Lauren Moffatt Wool Pea Coat

THREE: Jonathan Adler pop menagerie lion ornament

FOUR: CATBIRD Alphabet Rings – Gold


SIX: Jonathan Adler lion rug

SEVEN: Jonathan Adler elephants salt and pepper

EIGHT: the bestest wallpaper ive seen in a long time

NINE: Bamboo Radio

TEN: Clarevivier La Tropézienne bag – the most simple brown leather bag ive seen in awhile and i wish i can touch it just to see how soft it is. i wonder how much it weights since i hate heavy leather bags.

ELEVEN: Orla Kiely Pattern book. A must have.

TWELVE: Linge De Maison Housse de couette Chantier bed sheets. i really like the simple boyish pattern. it gives me such a clean happy feeling.

THIRTEEN: OFFI Mini-Drawer Doodle Desk (in orange). my little dude would like this. i just know it.

FOURTEEN: Jonathan Adler apple pillows

FIFTEEN: Orla Kiely Big Zip wallet – i have one of these in different pattern and i ABSOLUTELY love it. i am always scared that it will break one day and if i have a spare it would make me feel so safe.

* i realized that this wish list is a very neutral orange theme. i guess thats whats attracting my eyes these days.*


its nice to buy things for human. but i like to also buy things for our home. there are tons of BIG things that i would love to get but it would be awhile before i can afford them since they are BIG purchases. but when i do find little things like these, i feel like i must get them.

hello kitty monopoly. i dont need it but i feel like i have to since i am a big hello kitty fan since way back when before hello kitty became this too famous for me that i pretty much dont want to buy any of the new style. (pretty much since hello kitty made her way into Hot Topic days). but looking at the style of this, it reminds me of the old 1976 design.

Orla Kiely. what more do i need to say. just come to AMERICA so i can buy you. i would love to buy more than one and have you in all my rooms. for now you can get it here or here and if you really want to, PLEASE BUY ME ONE.

i wanna rock when i am home.

when i go to friends parents home, i usually see some type of recliner and never really a big fan of them, mostly because of the looks. but somehow secretly i like to have one. maybe its because i am getting older and want to recline at times but yet my sense of style is still kicking and i cant have those la-Z-boy around my home. but now i came across this and i SO want it. really i do. i want this more than all the other things i said i want in my previous posting. i know this one is aiming for nursery but really, i want it. its ORANGE. PLEASE. LET ME RECLINE AND ROCK AT TIMES.