i want someone to walk up to me and say – can i give your house a makeover

and i would say – HELLOOOOO YEESSSSS of course! ive been waiting for you to say that to me forever ago. i want my kitchen to be makeover.

when i am watching these home makeover show (well, more like the backyard makeover show) i always wish that i can be the one on tv and they can give my kitchen the biggest makeover EVER. i dont really have a *dream* kitchen since i think any makeover would rock. and then at the end of the show, when they blindfold me to reveal my new kitchen, i better cry and scream because that would mean that they have done something so good that i would pee in my pants.
so, HGTV, please please please come and find me and give me that satisfaction!!!

and if you were to come over this week, this is what i want my kitchen to be like. and if this is the kitchen that you will give me then you will have to makeover the rest of my house (or all the bathrooms) to match.

(you wont regret it.)