I was interviewed by Clutter magazine and I am so honored and feeling so happy and so great and a little bit of shy. I want to say thank you to Erick Scarecrow for introducing. I want to say thank you to Miranda O’Brien for the opportunity. I want to say thank you to Erica Patterson for the interview. It’s amazing what people that you don’t know would do for you and it makes this more amazing and it makes me feel even more honored. THANK YOU THANK YOU. You guys are pretty awsum. xo. me


i met this lady friend via my supergood friend a little bit ago and when we got to talking and liking one another, she had asked me to make her an illustration of her MR CAT. it took me awhile but i never forgot and i finally did it and pretty happy with it. i have never met MR CAT but this is what MR CAT looks to me based on his awsum rocking master (a.k.a my new lady friend).
i shall and am calling this piece of work, THIS IS A BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP VIA MR CAT.


i called it nice.

i had the pleasure of finally meeting giselle (visit her here and here please) in real face time. and i must say it WAS a real pleasure. she is super sweet and super wonderful. we had a yummie lunch at Outerlands. i was nervous at first (since we only comunicated via email/facebook/twitter), almost like a blind date, but as soon as i met her it was super easy and we chatted away. thank you giselle. i had a great time and i cant wait to hear all about the arrival of your baby in 2 weeks! best of luck and lets go another date when you are ready.

traditional hello.

today i did an adult thing:
blind-date-meeting-of-a-local-fellow-blogger for the FIRST TIME.
okay i admit it. i was a bit nervous walking into our place of choice because its been a long time since i went and met someone without ever talking to them (well, we had a history of 2 emails) and i dont want to mess it up and leave a weird impression. and of course i was late! (stupid traffic and the whole cannot text while driving thing)
BUT anyway, to the good part.
JENNIFER is super cool and SO sweet. we didnt know what each other look like but i did a pretty good guess of picking her out at a crowded place (and she is one of the few that had a pretty smile and a cute little outfit on). wait – i hope i dont sound like i am checking her out?
we talked and she told me a little about herself and what she is about and she gave me all kinds of wonderful tips.

it was just nice to be able to meet someone new.
i left feeling like i did a successful adult thing.
(thank you jennifer)

please check out her blog and her etsy store. make her your daily read and a place to shop for gifts or just for a treat.

p.s. – thank you giselle for hooking us up!

time share on jumpsuit

SO, i went shopping this weekend with my new lady friend and it was a true success. she found the coolest bestest stuff (and super deals) which she rocks in all of them. we went to max studio to look around since we were just trying to warm up to our shopping day. and behold she got all these awsum gear there. and when i was walking around, i saw the mannequin wearing this jumpsuit and we both love it and said we must try it on. we tried it and fell in love with it. instantly. it looked super good on and it was amazingly comfy. its the perfect outfit to wear for a long plane ride (always in search for the perfect plane outfit). you can totally dress it up in so many ways. all these images of different tops popped into my head as i was wearing it. but it was a bit more than what we would like to pay or what our wallet allows, so, we left it behind. but since then ive been thinking of the jumpsuit constantly and the same thing for my new lady friend. we talked about maybe doing a time share on this piece so that we can put our mind at ease. and of course i was so obsessed with the jumpsuit that i didnt even think to take a pic of us in it! i even thought about telling the saleslady to give it to me on the house and i would blog about it (but didnt since i never done that and not sure what the etiquette is and also its a big chain store so the chances are slim). but aside from the jumpsuit infatuation i am still shocked that max studio actually have stuff thats worth visiting.

and friend picked up these kick ass shoes that screams sexy as soon as it hits her feet.