i thought i was okay with my shoe lust until i let myself out

i thought i had put my shoe addiction on hold with the help of the recent holidays and santa claus. but when i let myself out today and saw all the new products that had landed on planet earth. all my shoe lust came back to me without warning. i saw and want a bunch but i am good and am only going to post my top two shoes for now.

i dont have the cash for these but posting about it kinda make me feel like i got them. its weird but it works sometimes.

these are the perfect oxfords that ive been searching for. AND the amazing thing about this pair is that it looks worn in and all beat up (just zoom in and take a look) AND look at the little heart charm dangling!!!! they would look oh-so-good with my dresses and skirts and pants and jeans and whatever else.

i dont have boots in this color and i love the chain link on the side. the shape and form of these shoes remind me of this pair of moon boots i had in college and how i wish i never got rid of them (what the hell was i thinking?)

p.s. – size 8 please.

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