This is my first post of the new year and even though we are still in the month of January I feel like the new year is not so new with so many things going on in my life.

Let’s get right to it. I love papers and all things papers. I am a huge sucker for stationery. I love writing letters and making my own custom gift wrapping and decorating them in my own special ways. Whenever an opportunity presents I go crazee and start thinking of things I can do and create to make it my very own special ways. But in real life, I can’t always achieve them all because I am not a superstar and I do have 2 little ones to take care of and run after.

I always make it a point to make my very own custom holidays card because it is my chance to create and to share my work with families and friends but it has been getting harder as the kids get older and my life has gotten more busy but still I want to make the card I send out to be somewhat personal. And here comes Minted. They have an amazing selection of everything that you could think of and need and more. I love all the varieties they have and I always end up choosing more than what I was going in for.  Here are some ways that I see Minted coming in handy:

One of the things I would recommend using it for is for baby shower and baby announcement. Because seriously when will you have time to create your very own awsum announcement when you have a new born at home? I think this one below is super cute even if you do not have time to pick out a pic (because I know when you have a baby, you will take millions of pics of your little one and probably choosing one would be a huge task).

Chinese New Year. I have never made my very own custom card and I am not sure why because I find any chance I get to send out cards and write letters because I want to keep up the old fashioned way of communicating and really, it just feels nice to be holding onto something, like nice paper.  I discovered all these Chinese New Year cards they have and I am loving the ideas and I will be sure to do that next time around. This is the one I like and instead of inserting a real photo, I can insert one of my own illustration and make it more my very own.

With my son started in  kindergarten, there are lots of birthday parties to attend and with peer pressure from him ever since last year, we might have to let him have his own birthday party this year. All the invites we got have been e-invite from various sites but if and when we have one for him, I want to do it the old fashion way and send the invites via old US mail. Here are a couple invites that I think it’s suitable for my dude:




4. This one I have to add it because it is so darn cute and I am a sucker for bunnies. I can use this for my daughter’s birthday party or my party or just as a hello card or even a mommy card!

Another way Minted is useful is for us to announce our new home! It’s such an exciting news of its own but it’s more exciting because I get to find another reason to send out supercool cards to people. Win win all around. This is the one I will be using.

And of course to go along with the move, we need new address labels and I love all the Minted address labels because they are different than others and at the same time they give a little personal touch to the back of your letter. This is my choice.

And to make my envelopes even more special and cute, I want these scalloped stickers. I can use them on envelopes, gift wrapping, and wherever I feel like it needs some cuteness.

I will stop here for now because I could go on and on and also because I want to go back to Minted to look for more things. Happy looking+shopping guys and trust me, once you try Minted, you will love it and no regrets.

P.S. With me being a new fan of Minted, I would like to be part of their team and try to be one of the designers to show off my work.

Disclosure: I received product credit in exchange for this post. 
All opinions are my own and I am a new fan of Minted!

chloe fleury makes me happy.

nothing more to say than please take a look at chole’s work. i fell in love with her as soon as i saw her recent san francisco project. it is rock hard awsum and she makes me want to stop everything i am doing now and make things like i used to do when i was a kid with all my origami projects. i am ready to team up with her on a project where i can collide my work with hers! lets make it happen chloe!

i want someone to walk up to me and say – can i give your house a makeover

and i would say – HELLOOOOO YEESSSSS of course! ive been waiting for you to say that to me forever ago. i want my kitchen to be makeover.

when i am watching these home makeover show (well, more like the backyard makeover show) i always wish that i can be the one on tv and they can give my kitchen the biggest makeover EVER. i dont really have a *dream* kitchen since i think any makeover would rock. and then at the end of the show, when they blindfold me to reveal my new kitchen, i better cry and scream because that would mean that they have done something so good that i would pee in my pants.
so, HGTV, please please please come and find me and give me that satisfaction!!!

and if you were to come over this week, this is what i want my kitchen to be like. and if this is the kitchen that you will give me then you will have to makeover the rest of my house (or all the bathrooms) to match.

(you wont regret it.)

umm…you rock…

i came across these tights and somehow it made me super happy and i wrote to them asking them to do a pair of yellow tights with carrots on them. dont know why carrots but thats the image that popped into my head. and then i thought – how awsum would it be if i can have my characters printed on a pair of tights. kind of like different tattoos on me but dont have to worry about my mom freaking out. oh please Les Queues de Sardines, lets team up!