its been awhile since i did any posting about my recent new desires. i constantly see a bunch of new wants and below are some that i actually like/want that its worth for me to share with you. and besides, its almost that time of year where my most favorite holiday is coming up and i know ive been pretty good this year that mr santa claus would want to see some kind of wish list from me (of course this is just the beginning):

1. GLORY CHEN – these shoes!! i want them in my closet for sure. i want it in all the colors. it has the most perfect round toe ever. its my most ideal roundness in a shoe and i MUST have them. i will get them. but which color should i start with. what do you think, feet?

2. DYSON – no need to say more. if youve been following this blog, you know i love vacuums and i am not afraid to share it and shout it. if i could i would have a vacuum in every room and they would have to be a different kind since they would serve different purposes, just like each room serve a different purpose. i DO like the dyson so much. i dont have one yet but maybe i will get one for christmas? how about this little one? it can sit in a dark corner and you would never know about it. OH. I WANT IT SO MUCH.

3. this bag. i always like to have a nice simple black bag around. so whenever i see one thats worthy i would like to have it sitting in my closet for those days that i feel like using a black bag. its a very comforting feeling to know that you have it when you need it since they are pretty hard to find. kind of like a good pair of jeans or a nice basic tee or jacket or sweater or etc. you get the point.

4. i really dig this set up for my little dude’s room. i would want it for myself if it comes in an adult king size. what i really love is the sheets combo. it makes me think of eating strawberries and having strawberry shortcake doll as a decor. i think my little dude would really like it. maybe someone can just make one for us? please? its not for me? its for a super cute little dude? anyone? make it for us? elves?

5. this bed would be pretty cool if the case of the latter wish does not get fulfilled.

thank you mr. brown man for hiding my package.

ive been waiting for my dress that i ordered and i thought it got lost or worse yet, it got sold out by the time my order was processed. i tracked my package and it said it was delivered and my first thought was – darn it all, someone stole it or maybe the mail delivery dude kept it. so i went to look and finally saw my hidden package(it was camouflage with my front porch). SO, sorry mr ups brown man for having evil thought of you stealing my package (even though you are always delivering stuff to me without fail. oops for bad thoughts.)

ANYWAY. here it is. my favorite spring dress (for now). i cant wait to wear it. i already have my shoes picked out. it will look super with my red shoes that i got last year from my handsomemanboy for my bday (which is still sitting nicely in the shoe box and never worn – if you know me well, you know i am a crazee dork that has a fear of wearing brand new shoes since i dont want them to get dirty. but yet i keep buying). or i could pair them with my TOM silver glittery shoes that i have on my feet daily (which i want to buy more of in every color).

One of 2 shoes. i have the red ones.

oh boy oh boy! its the season to show them legs and be proud (?)

how can i not have this. its made for me. i am going to die now thank you.

i saw this via unplggd and i was about to have a heart attack. but i pulled myself together and realized i need to be alive because this is what i live for. for some of you, you might not know this, but i love vacuum (shocking?). i said it. I LOVE MY VACUUMS. when i see them in stores i stopped to look and admire them and wishes i can bring them all home and tried it out. when i see infomercial about vacuums, i would watch them. i would sit and watch it over and over again. i dont know why but i am obsessed with vacuums. i think its one of the best invention EVER. but now, look at this. i always want to put googlie eyes all over my vacuum…. look at this…. I NEED THIS IN ALL COLORS AND ALL SIZES. PLEASE PLEASE PLEAE… ONE IN EACH ROOM….. I LOVE YOU.

(i am a complete dork but i am not afraid to say i love vacuums.)