Hello World. I am back.

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Hello world. I am back. I have been out of posting and illustrating for my blog for too long. I will give you a quick explanation as to why I have disappeared. First, you can see that I have a new updated site which I have been working on and off for awhile. (If you are still seeing this in the my blogspot site, please go here and check it out.) I’ve started working part time as a consultant awhile back on top of being a stay at home mom. Then, I got pregnant. We just welcomed our little baby boy this December.

So now, I have a somewhat newborn (who I am strictly nursing), 2 kids in school and with tons of after school activities, still working part time and I want to be better and blog again. There are tons of people who does the same and more and I think I can do it. It might not be a daily or even a weekly thing, but I will do it, somehow. I will be back and please come back and click on me. Thank you for your kind attention.



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