family equationNew math: 4+1=5. We are now a family of 5. We welcomed baby Owen in this December and we are truly over the moon over this little guy. He is a super happy baby and knowing that he is our last, it makes me want to hold on to him a little more or if I could slow-mo his growth. He has already been on many adventures since he is always tagging along with his brother and sister. He goes where I go because he is a strictly boobie baby and just like the other two, he only takes milk directly from the source and no pumping is required.

Owen does not any of the medical condition that Milo and Matilda have but we are keeping an eye on his eyes since he could get what Milo has. But otherwise, he is a baby with no special needs and as a family joke, he is the weirdo in our family.

I will write another post about being a mother of three and what has changed and what new products have come in handy for our Owen.







  1. Hi Queenie! So nice to run into you in the store today. I remembered you had mentioned blogging a while back, and so I googled around and found your blog. All the best to you, and hope to run into you again! 🙂 -Sarah (Nathan’s Mom)

    • Hi Sarah. So sweet of you to look me up. It was so wonderful to see you and the boys as well! Hope you guys had a nice time at the park. Hope to see you soon, maybe if ECE will have the annual party! Best.

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