i had the most horrible encounter at my all time favorite store* couple days ago.

i left the store feeling so pissed off that i wanted to tell everyone in the store what happened so that they would stop shopping there. i couldnt believe it.

i had to draw up this illustration to express what i felt like. i wanted to ROAR at her. i wanted to ROAR as i was walking out the store. and i still want to ROAR when i think about it. ROAR ROAR ROAR.

* you know which store if you know me well or if you have been keeping up with this blog. if not, heres a hint – the store smells super lovely when you walk in and it begins with a capital A and ends with a little e.

you know its summer when i am constantly scratching myself.

when summer comes thats when all the mosquitoes find their way to my limbs. dont ask me why but they just do. i must have the sweetest blood ever. sometimes i wish its cold in the summer so i can wear a coverall and say – shoo shoo mosquitoes. or maybe i just need to get OFF.

(i hate you mosquitoes and all bugs.i really really do.)

Mini Burlysac – ShooShoo Mosquito