i want to show you what i want but you got to use your head.

i did quick shopping this afternoon due to very limited time, so, i had to make it efficient. i went to the stores that i know i will always find things at: MUJI (my all time favorite store when i am here on this side) and ZARA. (and along the way i pooped my head into French Connection.)

i saw this trench coat at Zara but the one i want is in pink. its not a god awful paris hilton-barbie-obnoxious pink (not that theres anything wrong with it. i personally just cant see that in this jacket.). i could not find a picture of the pink one so heres the white one. they didnt have my size but luckily i located one and will go and try it on tomorrow. if it all works out, i will most likely take the strap and buttons off the shoulders since those add on never does justice to my already broad shoulders.

as for this necklace, the one that attracted me to go into the store(French Connection) is very similar to this. it has the same black thick rope but the balls are super colorful and fun ( i couldnt find a pic of the actual one). i didnt get it since i was in a rush but i think if i were to pass by this store again, i will get it. (most likely when i go to Zara tomorrow, they will have this store as well.) who doesnt like multi colorful balls around their neck.

and of course when i was at Muji, i got a bunch of travel bags to put inside my suitcase. they are super helpful and makes packing SO much easier and ORGANIZED! they are these mesh bag that zips all the way around and comes in all kind of sizes. i use one for my little dude’s clothing, one for my clothing, and one for my mansomehandboy clothing. and when you are at your destination, all you have to do is open your suitcase and take out those little bags and you will know where to find things instead of digging deep down into your suitcase like a cheap sale. and i always keep a small one in my bag for scarves, or for my little dude’s extra set of clothing. trust me. everyone needs them. they are just bags but they do wonders when you pack.

and this morning when i was shopping before lunch, my mom and i stopped in Agnes Band we got another bag. i was talking to her this morning how i should probably just get a backpack while i am here visiting since with all the walking and carrying of my little dude, its much easier to have a backpack then a crossbags over my ergo. i went in and got a pretty cool backpack. never a fan of backpack when shopping but due to the reason and the coolness of the bag, it actually worked out well. cant wait to use it tomorrow. again, cant find a picture. but its this eggplant purple. i got a travel bag last year from them and i love it. its simple but very nice. heres the pic but i have it in purple eggplant.

i want all this for my perfect imaginary day.

i see this ad everywhere i go when i am here on vacation. i want it and i am finding a place to get my hair cut just like hers. i am trying grow my hair long again but i want a head of new fresh and healthy hair. SO, it might take a couple rounds of short hair style before getting new growth. this is a good style to start.

this is a perfect warm weather day dress. i think i had something like this when i was young (except for the high slit on the side).

toggle buttons! its hard to find these on a non kid jacket.

ive been wanting a bike but now i think i want this (Amish made Scooter. YES> AMISH MADE.) instead.

for the arrival of warm weather and warmer weather approaching i want to find ways to do more fun outside stuff with more fun warm weather clothing. and all this together is EXACTLY what i want and what i could wear everyday.

i did this today.

i checked this out today and honestly i was not impressed. not sure if its because i wasnt quiet in the mood or because there were too many other stuff that my eyeballs wanted to see. maybe i will give it another try at the end of my trip when my eyeballs are done spazzing over all the amazing stuff on this side of the planet.

perfect pretty printed matters on my coffee table

i want these items on my coffee table. as for the books, i came across them during my routine shopping trip to Anthropologie and i want every single one of them because the book covers are just so pretty and i just want to hold them and rub my fingers along the embossed patterns (that kinda sounded dirty?). its hard to find good book covers these days. and if you do, they are usually book jackets. and i bet these books would make a wonderful gift as well. mothers day maybe? i wish they have more of these books and then i would want to get all of them and buy a small bookshelf and put them all in it and call it my pretty books collection.

chloe fleury makes me happy.

nothing more to say than please take a look at chole’s work. i fell in love with her as soon as i saw her recent san francisco project. it is rock hard awsum and she makes me want to stop everything i am doing now and make things like i used to do when i was a kid with all my origami projects. i am ready to team up with her on a project where i can collide my work with hers! lets make it happen chloe!

spectacular SPECS.

what ive been searching for:Ray Ban.

what also came along the search: Martin&Martin (extra cash i spent for an extra pair because i am a sucker).

my two frames that i cant wait to wear

my mister’s Paul Smith frame.

the three frame that we took home.

if youve been following my blog you know that ive been searching for a perfect universal everyday wearing glasses. dont know why it is so hard to find one. BUT couple months ago, i located a place in berkeley, EiWear and finally we went today. as soon as i walked into the store i was superexcited since its filled with glasses along the styles that ive been lusting after. michael was there to help and he was super helpful and friendly. he took his time to show me what he thought would be good for my face. i came down to 2 specs: the Ray Ban i knew i had to get since thats the style that ive been searching for AND the unexpected Martin & Martin which i really like on my face and did not need to get. and UMMMM…. I WANTED BOTH (they were both pretty pricey). my mister also found a pair of aswum aswum glasses which look super dope on him. and so, in the end, i gave in and got both of them. and now it means that i have to stop wearing my contacts and start showing off my specs. as for the ones i have at home, i shall find an empty drawer to store them in. i hope i made the right decision since its an awfully expensive one.

BUT for all your locals, if you need some glasses frame, please go and see michael at EiWear because this dude knows his stuff and you wont regret it. the only thing that will do the regretting will be your money bag.

thank you michael and i still desire the glasses you have on.

p.s. – and one thing i really like about the store is that you can pull out all the glasses tray yourself instead of asking them to get it for you. its very nice to have that since when i have to ask someone(which is most stores these days as if they dont trust you), i usually am reluctant to do because it makes me feel like an ass for asking them repeatedly and i feel very pressured. so good job EiWear.

black and bone. come home.

i saw these (via commas and clauses) and no doubt i want both. size 8 are my feet and please come home to me. or you can send me a check and i can go and bring them over to my place.

bestest best,
me who wants these shoes

p.s.- maybe someone that really likes me or really want to know me want to get these for me for my birthday???!!! maybe?