pretty much as soon as i recovered from my flu, the very next morning my mansomeboy (a.k.a. hubby) woke up with a mysterious swollen right foot and he has been home bound since he cant drive or stand and walk too much. he tries hard to help out with the kids but due to the pain and me telling him not to, its been busy busy busy. i used all this week to re-start potty training milo and let me tell you, i am so sick of hearing myself saying do you need to go peepee or poopoop in the potty (i even dream about it) even more than cleaning up our floor and washing his superhero underoos. its not going great but its not bad. i know i will succeed. (but a little part of me have to admit to the fact that wearing pull ups is SO much easier especially when you are out and about. they DO grow up too fast!)

milo also decided to have a cold on thursday night but at least he never got my evil awful flu. he had a check up with his ophthalmologist on friday and i had to update him with everything that went on with his eyes since march and he was wowed by it. we are holding off on getting him a new pair of glasses until his EUA on this coming monday because if milo needs a new implant valve then his prescriptions would most likely change as well.

milo is starting his new preschool on monday but unfortunately he is missing his first day because he has an EUA to check on his eye pressure. i hope his eyedrops have been helping so he will not be needing a surgery to replace his existing valve. we shall see. lots of things are happening and lets hope all will be good in the end and we can go back to our summer fun list (we kind of took a break since i got sick and then with my mansomeboy’s swollen foot).

matilda is too cute for me and she is growing up way too fast. her upper front two teeth are at the halfway mark and i noticed yesterday when she was crying that both her lower lateral incisor are coming in as well! OUCHIE BOOBIE i say! i have gotten bit too many times already. i am still waiting for her to have more hair because bangs is what i want to see on her cute little head.

1. milo’s eye pressure is under the range of 20.
2. no more swollen foot for my mansomeboy & the doctor will say its nothing major.
3. success with potty training.
thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,
ME (who believes in your wee folk clan.)


i was caught with the surprise visit of the flu last week. i had a fever for 4 straight days ranging nothing lower than 100.7 and as high as 105.5 people. it was golly awful, especially with the chill and the sweat. i went to the doctor on the evening of the third day and was told that i had the minor flu. i had no fever for one day and was so happy but then it came back for another full day. so, to this doctor of mine, this aint no minor flu because it is deadly serious and if this is minor, then i dont know what the hell is the flu because this totally kicks my ass and then some more.

i was trying to draw a picture of what i feel like after the worse part of my flu and this is what i came up with. i am pretty happy with it and for some reason, this IS what i feel like. i am still a bit congested and still has a sore throat but i think i send the big evil portion back to its home.

it was hard NOT to think about the kids when i was super sick but there were moments that i just had to let go and passed out. i was still nursing matilda since she refuses the bottles (she prefers her milk straight from her source). my mansomehandboy was great at being with the kids and taking care of me the whole time and doing all the errands that i usually do as well. i think it was harder for him to keep me in bed than anything since i was trying hard to find ways to do things and be with the kids. as of this moment, no one else has caught my awful not minor flu and it better stay that way.

i am going to do all the fun things i wanted to do last weekend this weekend. YIPPEEEE.

note to self: need to get my bangs trimmed.


the final color (green) of SUPERJUICYCHICKEN plush is out guys. go and collect them all and please spread words. you wont regret it. i guarantee you.

psssstttt. i decided to do a little something something special, so, here it goes : for those of you that purchased SUPERJUICYCHICKEN plush, simply email me and show me receipt of your order (or some proof) and i will send you some special limited edition tee or tees. its that simple. no weird strings attached. i am doing it because i like you and i like that you like SUPERJUICYCHICKEN plush.




milo had an EUA yesterday morning and when the doctor came out and said let me tell you the good news first, i thought, oh crap. the cornea infection in his left eye(home of the prosthesis shell)cleared up so we dont need to worry about that anymore and at some point in the near future, another prosthesis shell will be placed back in (not looking forward to that). as for the right eye, his pressure is still higher than what it should be so the doctor is jacking up the dosage on one of his eye drop to see if that will help. (he suspects that the existing valve is blocked by the growth of his iris.) we will go in for another EUA in one month and if the pressure is still high, the doctor will try to pull back his iris and if that is not possible, a new valve will be placed. i guess milo had a good run on his ahmed valve since he had it placed when he was 3 months old and its actually pretty unusual for it to be working for so long for a child. we got lucky and i really hope that whatever happens, his pressure will be under control soon because that is his only seeing eye and its already slightly damaged (the ophthalmologist estimate about a 20/100 vision + tunnel vision due to glaucoma).

the many great faces of milo.

but aside from this, milo has been great since his last EUA. with the prosthesis shell out of his eye and his infection being detected and treated, he hasnt had an episode of eyes shutting or painful breakdown and he is not sensitive to light as much. we have been doing our fun summer-ventures and its been really nice to see him so happy.

he will be starting a new regular preschool end of august and we got him a new big boy lunch bag (he saw the catalog and said thats what he wanted and i thought it would be a great little new thing for him for his new big boy school).

the always smiling matilda.

matilda has started eating solid for almost a month and she loves food so far and i am loving my Beaba food maker. it makes making food so much easier. i want to use it to make smoothie for myself every time i am making fresh fruit for her.

the summer is not over yet and the weather has been great this year (sorry east coast peeps)! we will continue to check off our summer-venture list. yeah.


1. Artist Developing Bionic Replacement for Eye Lost in Accident. check this out and go to Tanya Marie Vlach‘s site for more details. i get excited when i see anything eye/prosthesis related and this one is pretty cool.

2. thanks for doing a post on my blog and spreading the love: Florence Rolando’s Pirouette | EQUAL DIST. | Solitary Arts

3.thank you for adding me on your blogroll guys: Thomas Marshall Does It All | Violet’s Journey | Congenital Glaucoma Network | La Princesse au petit pois

4.Bandolier bag by SSCY. my friend made this. GO GET ONE and spread the word. and yes, he is the one modeling the bag if you are wondering whos that sexy all leg man wearing that awsum rocking bag in his bike.

5. i started entering myself in contest i find via twitter via people i follow because i never have and i would like to win something something. fingers crossed people because here i come.

6. we have checked off some of our fun summer adventures off our list : Academy of Sciences, Day out with Thomas, Cars 2 and Winnie the Pooh. and this week we plan to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium.