Milo: Top: Zara | Pants: Mini Boden | Shoes: Yo Gabba Gabba Vans
Matilda: Jacket: Jacadi | Pants: Mini Boden | Shoes: Stride Rite

We took the kids to Bay Area Discovery Museum and it was super fun. We got the tickets via Groupon awhile back and I wish we took the kids there earlier. Milo and Matilda had so much fun exploring and playing. We went on a weekday so that it would be less crowded for Milo. Milo tends to do better when there are less people around because it’s more of a challenge for him visually to navigate when there are more kids running around him. We are planning our next visit back (maybe for Milo’s birthday next month) and it is so tempting to do the membership. If you have never visited, you really should go.


“YOU” in braille is what the word bubble said.

I do a special post on this very day to someone close to our heart. It has been two years and I still think of her each day, sometimes through my husband, sometimes through my children and the other time is just because I think of her. She was a strong woman and an amazing mother and everyday I want/wish I can tell her that. Whether or not I am a believer in ghost,after-life or guardian angel, I believe she is always with my husband and my children because I see her in all of them.

Milo has a love for cats and so did she. (I know she would be so darn proud.) I truly believe it is her doing and it’s a nice thing to believe in because I want Milo to have a little part of her. I am waiting to see what part of her will Matilda have.

We miss you dearly and you are never forgotten, not even a day.



I love me some bunnies. I am a huge bunny fan but unfortunately due to my crazee allergy, I can’t have any furry thing in our house. I like Easter because there are so many cute bunnies and chicks everywhere (including my SuperJuicyChicken of course). I really like Peeps and I wish I like to eat them so that I have an excuse to purchase them. But I would love to have a Peeps necklace or a Peeps pattern crib sheet or Peeps pattern socks or even better, I would like to have my SuperJuicyChicken plush to become a tradition like Peeps during Easter.

Happy Easter guys. Go and get some eggs.