I love me some bunnies. I am a huge bunny fan but unfortunately due to my crazee allergy, I can’t have any furry thing in our house. I like Easter because there are so many cute bunnies and chicks everywhere (including my SuperJuicyChicken of course). I really like Peeps and I wish I like to eat them so that I have an excuse to purchase them. But I would love to have a Peeps necklace or a Peeps pattern crib sheet or Peeps pattern socks or even better, I would like to have my SuperJuicyChicken plush to become a tradition like Peeps during Easter.

Happy Easter guys. Go and get some eggs.


milo and matilda’s ECE school had their annual BBQ this past week and everyone is asked to bring something to share. this year i decided to make Giada De Laurentiis’s chocolate chip and mascarpone cupcakes. i did not have time to do a test run and my theory is that its chocolate and you probably cant really tell if its too bad. i decided to make cute little cupcake toppers to go with it and if the cupcakes turn out to be bad, maybe the cuteness of the toppers would distract the people from the bad taste. but really, i have been trying to incorporate all my creativity and love of making and drawing into everyday things. i must admit that i was overly excited for this project and finally had an excuse to buy tons of circle and scallop punches . i went to Paper Source to get them but they had sold out on their last circle punch. i ended up going to Michaels and they were on sale so i got even more punches than planned. whenever i go to Michaels my head gets all crazee and my brain goes in all kind of directions because i get so many ideas and want to do a million zillion projects and want to buy all kinds of crazee sticker making/scrapbook making machines. i wish they would have a rent center for those things so i can actually try it out before making an actual purchase.i should call Michales and tell them to get on it.

milo and i did the cupcakes and the cupcake toppers and we had so much fun. instead of getting wooden picks for the cupcake holders i got these tiny bartender’s cocktail sippy straw things. they are just as thin as the wooden picks but i like how it has stripes on them and it goes with the stripe backgrounds on my illustration. the only thing i didnt care about and would like to figure out is to make some kind of pocket for the straw/wooden picks to avoid the little bump after putting on the illustration.

the cupcake actually turned out to be quiet delicious. everyone was pretty impressed when milo showed them what he had made. i kept thinking about how to transport my cupcakes the night before the BBQ and i ended up going to my local bakery asking for an empty cake box (thank you nice bakery lady!). i also got two disposable aluminum foil tray for the cupcakes to sit on and then placing that in the cake box. the aluminum foil tray worked well (even though it seems repetitive to have both) because without the foil tray the cake box is too flimsy and it was hard to balance the cupcake on someone’s lap or when carrying it.

p.s. – someone came up to me and told me that she really appreciate the i am nut free sign because she has a nut allergy. i told her that i appreciate her telling me and i like to announce it whenever i can since milo has a high nut allergy and its nice to know instead of asking or banning your child from the food. its just nice to make it known to the non nut allergy community because i was certainly not aware of this before milo.

p.p.s. – i enjoyed making the cupcakes and the toppers so much (well i really enjoyed toppers more and in order to make more i had to make more cupcakes) that i made more two days later for the friends we were visiting. this time i went to Whole Foods and they were kind enough to give me empty cupcakes holders to transport and i used Starbucks’s wooden stir (cut it in half) as the pick. thank you to the consuming world for letting me use your tools without even knowing.

and try the recipe people. its pretty darn good.


the final color (green) of SUPERJUICYCHICKEN plush is out guys. go and collect them all and please spread words. you wont regret it. i guarantee you.

psssstttt. i decided to do a little something something special, so, here it goes : for those of you that purchased SUPERJUICYCHICKEN plush, simply email me and show me receipt of your order (or some proof) and i will send you some special limited edition tee or tees. its that simple. no weird strings attached. i am doing it because i like you and i like that you like SUPERJUICYCHICKEN plush.



ME+MY PERFECT PAIR:The untold brief history of me, my children and what my blog shall be.

hi. lets get right into it.
my name is queenie. i am an illustrator, a designer, a wife and a mother of two. i love to create. i love to draw. i love fashion. i love patterns. i love all things cute. i love stuff. i love kids (especially my kids no doubt). AND i love to consume. oh! i almost forgot that i love bread and tart. basically i am human. i started this blog because i want to share with people my illustrations/characters and all the goodies i find from fashion to design to food to travel and pretty much anything that makes my eyes drool. the blog is my bff where i could just go and share all my findings and i could comment about it without having to stop and wait for feedbacks. i was able to let it all out (and my mansomedude a.k.a my husband did not have to hear all about it)without comments. he didn’t really want to be my human blog.

just recently i decided that i wanted to find a better theme to my blog even though if you look at my past postings you get a pretty good idea of what its all about. i guess i should really say that i want to add something else to my blog and to do so i need to give you a little intro/update. i want to talk about raising special needs children and mainly from my own experiences.

i have two kids. milo is my three year old (just turned three last week) and matilda is my almost 5 month old. milo was born with a rare congenital eye defect where he has no vision on his left eye and very limited vision on his right eye due to glaucoma and FEVR. he has had many surgeries since he was 10 days old until now due to his conditions. he has these super cute blue glasses that he has been wearing since he was three months old (he is super near sighted). under the state of California milo is considered to be legally blind. matilda was born this januray and she has microtia in her left ear and conductive hearing loss as well. both of them are more powerful on their right side than their left side. i always say to milo: its okay if you cant see it, just listen. now i will have to say this to matilda: its okay if you can hear it, just look.

with milo’s vision impairment since day one (on top of being a first time mom), i learned A LOT about the whole process from the State to different programs available and of course, dealing with your health insurance to just taking care of your special needs child. its definitely a lot of information to take in when you have a baby and especially when its your first one. i was very overwhelmed when we had to go through all that as milo is our first baby and with the very unexpected findings of his vision. with matilda, my husband noticed her deformation left ear as soon as she came out. i only noticed it when my husband said something to the doctor since i didn’t see her left side when she was handed to me. we both acknowledged her left ear nonchalantly and was just thrilled that she arrived. milo had us trained too well with his conditions.

milo has been enrolled in Early Start Education with our county since he was 7 weeks old and he will be graduating from them after this summer because he turned three years old. then he can transferred into the district (which is a whole other system with meetings you have to go through). matilda got accepted into the same program due to her hearing loss. i got one kid in the vision class and the other in hearing class. we are the first family that the school has seen with 2 kids with a completely nonrelated conditions. in a way, i am happy to know that matilda will get to experience the same school that milo was in because the teachers are wonderful and its such a safe and friendly environment. and i get to see the teachers for another three years.

i told my husband that we should play the lottery because the chances of having both a vision and hearing impaired kids are very very rare especially since both side of the families have no history. maybe when i do go and get a lottery ticket and win you will see me on the news with those giant fake checks (wait, do they do that or am i thinking about the publishing clearing house commercial?).

i’ve been through it and still am and i want to share it with you and i think i am a pretty good advocate for families with special needs kids especially with hearing and vision impaired. we had no support when we first went through it (we had families to support but to be honest, its very different since its a whole new topic) and i want to be here for those families going through it.

i am not only going to talk about my kids on this blog, i will continue to do what i am doing but i want my blog readers to know that i am here if you have any questions. and i know this is the longest post ever but really theres no short brief way to introduce. (i am fancy like that.)




The turkey is all about starting the holiday season and all the consuming and all the stuff for your stuff and all the jollypopping to come. i love this time of year from all the possible clothing you can put on yourself to buying gifts for others and just seeing the face on my little dude from putting up our tree and santa claus and opening all his presents. i love it. i just love it.