my eyes landed upon these shoes and AMAZING was what my brain told me. AND they have kids shoes that are just as beautiful. i think part of the reason for the attractiveness of the shoes are the candy colors. it makes me want to go and get a red candy apple down at the wharf. i must hit the store and cant wait to see what they look like on my feet and i wonder if they are comfortable at all. and i want my little dude to try them on too! cant wait.

thank you ms. glory chen.


i had the most horrible encounter at my all time favorite store* couple days ago.

i left the store feeling so pissed off that i wanted to tell everyone in the store what happened so that they would stop shopping there. i couldnt believe it.

i had to draw up this illustration to express what i felt like. i wanted to ROAR at her. i wanted to ROAR as i was walking out the store. and i still want to ROAR when i think about it. ROAR ROAR ROAR.

* you know which store if you know me well or if you have been keeping up with this blog. if not, heres a hint – the store smells super lovely when you walk in and it begins with a capital A and ends with a little e.

i want to take my little dude to these amazing places this summer.

ive been dreaming of summer getaways and i want to do something different besides visiting friends and families. just something cool to do with my little dude and my mansomehandboy (and for myself). and these are the places that i really really want to go. its better than taking your child to disneyland or anything. i want to i want to. where should i go first!!!!???

the treehouse that i can never have in my backyard.

The Giraffe Manor. need i say more. it took me a bit to realize that this is an actual place.

Sky Cycle.crazee japanese. a good excuse to go to japan again.

i wanna rock when i am home.

when i go to friends parents home, i usually see some type of recliner and never really a big fan of them, mostly because of the looks. but somehow secretly i like to have one. maybe its because i am getting older and want to recline at times but yet my sense of style is still kicking and i cant have those la-Z-boy around my home. but now i came across this and i SO want it. really i do. i want this more than all the other things i said i want in my previous posting. i know this one is aiming for nursery but really, i want it. its ORANGE. PLEASE. LET ME RECLINE AND ROCK AT TIMES.