its nice to buy things for human. but i like to also buy things for our home. there are tons of BIG things that i would love to get but it would be awhile before i can afford them since they are BIG purchases. but when i do find little things like these, i feel like i must get them.

hello kitty monopoly. i dont need it but i feel like i have to since i am a big hello kitty fan since way back when before hello kitty became this too famous for me that i pretty much dont want to buy any of the new style. (pretty much since hello kitty made her way into Hot Topic days). but looking at the style of this, it reminds me of the old 1976 design.

Orla Kiely. what more do i need to say. just come to AMERICA so i can buy you. i would love to buy more than one and have you in all my rooms. for now you can get it here or here and if you really want to, PLEASE BUY ME ONE.

this is how i would like to ride my way across.

Uchiyamada-Kun by Hideyasu Moto

look into his eyeballs
and you WILL fall in love.
(images via a+29)

p.s. – and apparently you can get this at tower records. TOWER RECORDS???? i havent heard or seen this place in FOREVER. it reminds me of my good old school days where i will go and spend my money on them music. dear mr. tower records, are you still out there in the world doing well? jollypop-me

why must you hurt my want and desire spot so much. why i say. WHY.

i cant say much more.

just take a look at this shit.
if i let myself i shall pee in my pants now and whenever i think about this shit.
darn you or darn me… i am a sucker for this. you all know how much i love my hello kitty and all things cute and japanese.. and now with baby milo coming into play.
all hell break loose.
SHIT man.