its rubber time.

my little dude’s feet are growing and i need to start planning for the next pair of rubbers for him. (for those who does not know me, ive been calling sneakers rubbers since way back when i first spoke english.) but this time around i need to make sure these are some tough strong shoes since he is getting active and likes to get down and dirty. if only his miki house shoes would last.
so heres a place that ive been looking at and a few that i like. its not definite yet. the search is still on and my goal is to only get one pair before he outgrows it again.
what do you think? i probably should ask mr. sneakers what he thinks or if he has any recommendations for little feet.

thank you mr. brown man for hiding my package.

ive been waiting for my dress that i ordered and i thought it got lost or worse yet, it got sold out by the time my order was processed. i tracked my package and it said it was delivered and my first thought was – darn it all, someone stole it or maybe the mail delivery dude kept it. so i went to look and finally saw my hidden package(it was camouflage with my front porch). SO, sorry mr ups brown man for having evil thought of you stealing my package (even though you are always delivering stuff to me without fail. oops for bad thoughts.)

ANYWAY. here it is. my favorite spring dress (for now). i cant wait to wear it. i already have my shoes picked out. it will look super with my red shoes that i got last year from my handsomemanboy for my bday (which is still sitting nicely in the shoe box and never worn – if you know me well, you know i am a crazee dork that has a fear of wearing brand new shoes since i dont want them to get dirty. but yet i keep buying). or i could pair them with my TOM silver glittery shoes that i have on my feet daily (which i want to buy more of in every color).

One of 2 shoes. i have the red ones.

oh boy oh boy! its the season to show them legs and be proud (?)

wait, why didnt i know about you earlier before the flowers bloomed?

SPRING is in the air.
smell of blooming flowers as i walk past them. (and the smell of our tree by our front door is lurking about.)
and of course all the bugs are out to get me and haunt me.
AND THEN, i see this pair of boots from jcrew. how come i didnt find out about you sooner when the weather was cold and i could show you around the city and make my feet happy and make others desire what i have on my feet. darn it people. this reminds me of the Clarks wallabee boots that i somehow kinda want. i know they are ugly and they remind me of the nuns and nurses in my elementary school, except they had white ones. but i dont know why. i am kinda attracted to them. and when the jcrew Quoddy suede chukka boots appear, they are the perfect marriage of Clarks and the bass shoes that i blog about. now, its like getting two pair of shoes but in one pair.
again, i am a size 8. thank you.

this commercial got my attention.

i want to watch this commercial in slow motion and have it on repeat and then freeze frame it and then blow it up and then have some type of modern technology that can take the dresses out and make it my size. is that too much to ask.
and also, whenever i see her hair, i want to DIE because my head screams for her perfect bangs and hair. i dont really care much about this zooey girl. when i think of her, i think of her hair and now i think of her clothes in this cotton commercial.

*i especially like that dress with the red bottom and grey top with the black cardi (or is it a skirt with a grey tank?) and the black/white tank dress that she held up against her bod.*

**like that little flower clippie thing she has on her head too**

back in the school days.

i used to have very specific shoes i wanted for school to go with my uniform since my choices were very limited due to the requirements we had. penny loafers and bass shoes where you tie these little chubby looking know at the end of the laces (i wonder if i still know how). so when i saw these bass shoes, i know that i need to have them and they would be kicking cool for me and my feet. bring it on over please. size 8.