i want all this for my perfect imaginary day.

i see this ad everywhere i go when i am here on vacation. i want it and i am finding a place to get my hair cut just like hers. i am trying grow my hair long again but i want a head of new fresh and healthy hair. SO, it might take a couple rounds of short hair style before getting new growth. this is a good style to start.

this is a perfect warm weather day dress. i think i had something like this when i was young (except for the high slit on the side).

toggle buttons! its hard to find these on a non kid jacket.

ive been wanting a bike but now i think i want this (Amish made Scooter. YES> AMISH MADE.) instead.

for the arrival of warm weather and warmer weather approaching i want to find ways to do more fun outside stuff with more fun warm weather clothing. and all this together is EXACTLY what i want and what i could wear everyday.

back and ready.

I AM BACK. from my aswum venture.

nice to be back to all my stuff but wish i was still away since i was SO spoiled with so much goodies and new stuff.

Prancy Starr

i wanted a new hairdo soon after i started my vacation. (and once i want something i want it like NOW.) i had one lead with a stylist but dont know much about her history. i was so close in making the appointment but then i couldnt. how could i cheat on my haircutting gal back home? i aint no cheater. so i decided to wait. and now the wait is over. i called and will be getting the new do soon. (i hope it will be all worth the wait).
yeah for sure. it just got to.

p.s. – but my bangs will remain. bangs will be bangs.