Milo: Top: White undershirt from Marks and Spencer 
Matilda: Top: both top from Naartjie Kids

My two little munchkins are keeping me busy these days, but really good busy.

Let me tell you what we’ve been up to lately with all the pictures that I have taken with my iPhone. There are lots of pictures, but I figure that I have been lacking in posting about the kiddies, I might as well post a bunch now.

Milo: Top: Mini Boden | Shorts: Mini Boden | Shoes: Keen
Matilda: Top: JCrew kids | Pants: Mini Boden | Shoes: Zara Kids | Backpack: Stole from Milo by Sanrio
Both kids had an ophthalmologist appointment and everything is stable for Milo. As for Matilda, this is her first official check up and everything looks healthy. We had her eyes check because Milo’s ophthalmologist told us (not to scare us) that she could get the same conditions as Milo.

Left picture: Matilda: Top: JCrew | Pants: Janie and Jack | Shoes: Milo’s old shoes | Hat: from Costco
Left picture: Milo: Top: Mini Boden | Pants: Mini Boden | Shoes: New Balance | Hat: Anpanman
Right picture: Milo: Top: MUJI + Buzz Lightyear costume | Shorts: Gap Kids | Booties: Gap Kids
Right picture:  Matilda: Top: Milo’s old Mini Boden | Pants: Gap Kids | Hammer: Thor’s mighty hammer

The kids and I went to SFZoo right before July 4th and it was nice since it wasn’t very crowded. We did our usual of petting zoo, riding the Little Puffer, viewing of some animals that aren’t too far away for us to see and we ended with lunch. Another fun thing we did was inviting the cousins over for a big sleep over. The kids had lots of fun and they ended up watching The Secret World of Arrietty and Star Wars.

Left picture: Matilda: Top: Zara Kids | Pants: Gap Kids| Shoes: Salt Water
Left picture: Milo: Top: Mighty Fine tee | Shorts: Mini Boden | Shoes: Keen
Right picture: Matilda: Top: MUJI

Both kids passed out after our fun filled day spent at Piedmont with parade and hanging out with our besties on July 4th. Matilda had her first experience riding with Elmo when we shopped at Toys R Us.
Milo: Top: Gap Kids | Home Pants: Gap Kids 
Matilda: Top: Milo’s Mini Boden | Home Pants: Milo’s

Brother and sister love. Moment like this makes my heart melt and makes me wishes everyone can feel how I feel when I see the two of them together. Its the best of the best.
 Matilda: Top: Milo’s Mini Boden | Home Pants: Milo’s | Doll: Corolle

We got Matilda her first realistic looking doll and a stroller. It’s quiet hard to find one that does not look scary and Corolle makes pretty cute looking ones. 
Milo: Top: MUJI | Home Pants: Gap Kids 
                                              Matilda: Top: Naartjie Kids | Pants: Mothercare

Our house will not be the same if we don’t have dress up as our everyday life. Milo was some Star Wars character, Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo. Matilda is the cutest Ironman I know, way better than Robert Downey Jr. 
Milo: Top: Gap Kids
                                              Matilda: Top: Splendid | Pants: Gap Kids | Slippers: MUJI

We’ve had a pretty good few weeks and Milo loves to dress up everyday and be in character. Matilda loves to steal our slippers and walk away and act surprised when we find her with our stolen slippers. I love these two munchkins and I can’t imagine my life without them. I am so lucky that I get to be a stay at home mom because I would never want to miss a second of their lives, even those crappy, whiny and grumpy moments. 


I was interviewed by Clutter magazine and I am so honored and feeling so happy and so great and a little bit of shy. I want to say thank you to Erick Scarecrow for introducing. I want to say thank you to Miranda O’Brien for the opportunity. I want to say thank you to Erica Patterson for the interview. It’s amazing what people that you don’t know would do for you and it makes this more amazing and it makes me feel even more honored. THANK YOU THANK YOU. You guys are pretty awsum. xo. me


Dress: Zara Kids.
Top: Milo’s Hanna Anderson onesie | Pants: Gap Kids.
Dress: H&M | Pants: Mother Care.
T-shirt: JCrew Kids | Dress: Hanna Anderson | Shoes: Salt Water

It’s long overdue but I am finally here to post about my trip. Matilda and I went away for 3 weeks and we had a really great time. I am so glad I did that and I wanted to stay longer because it was SO nice, but of course I was very anxious to get back home to see Milo and my hubby. Milo did great when I was away and he went and did all sorts of fun things with dada. Before I left for my trip, I hid many surprises (little goodies) around the house for him to find. I would hide a note or a card and inside each note/card, it will give him a clue to look for a goodie.

 Matilda did amazing on both flights. She slept for 4 hours out of the 15 hours on the way out and she slept for 6 hours on the way home. I am very lucky to have both my children to be great long flight travelers (let’s hope this will continue). I didn’t take much pictures of Matilda and I when we were out and about since she is always in the Ergo carrier and I am always carrying something (and of course I am constantly wiping my sweats away). But these pictures are from our trip as most of the trip consisted of us eating yummy food.

 I will be back for more posting and more news. I swear. I have much to share.

July 4, 2012

Its been awhile since my last post. But I have great reasons for my missing blog days. I was on vacation for couple weeks and when I came back I had to get a new computer and there were some problems with data transfer and just last night I am back to a fully functional computer. WOOT. So, I am back and get ready for my latest updates. And Happy July Fourth. xo me