who will win between my 2 favorite.

ive been wanting/needing(?) a big black bag (or maybe its just because i want to buy a bag and i dont really have a big black bag.) but whatever the case it might be, i am debating which one i want. do i need both? will i need both? i probably will need them. i think i will. its hard to choose since i love me some see by chloé (its been my very new favorite ever since i got the first bag last winter) and my forever marc jacobs?
such a headache. so much thinking….
who will win?
(probably me in the end.)

kicking it with TOMS (shoes) and dancing along the way. too.

these shoes (specifically the sparkly ones) have been on my mind since i first spotted them way back when. but i never fully engaged my shoes filled mind until recently.

UNTIL RECENTLY when i saw my gal rachel wearing it AND THATS when i said to myself hey i remember you TOMS shoes from way back. and here i am telling you all about it and wanting them and OF COURSE getting them. (so i can free up a shoe spot for some other newly desired shoes.)

this pair is pretty happening. but yet, i am not too sure i am ready for you.

go get them. i was told that they are pretty comfy and supercute and guarantee that your feet will attract lots of eyeballs.

*and watch for future post about me booting me some new fall boots.*

why must you hurt my want and desire spot so much. why i say. WHY.

i cant say much more.

just take a look at this shit.
if i let myself i shall pee in my pants now and whenever i think about this shit.
darn you or darn me… i am a sucker for this. you all know how much i love my hello kitty and all things cute and japanese.. and now with baby milo coming into play.
all hell break loose.
SHIT man.