spectacular SPECS.

what ive been searching for:Ray Ban.

what also came along the search: Martin&Martin (extra cash i spent for an extra pair because i am a sucker).

my two frames that i cant wait to wear

my mister’s Paul Smith frame.

the three frame that we took home.

if youve been following my blog you know that ive been searching for a perfect universal everyday wearing glasses. dont know why it is so hard to find one. BUT couple months ago, i located a place in berkeley, EiWear and finally we went today. as soon as i walked into the store i was superexcited since its filled with glasses along the styles that ive been lusting after. michael was there to help and he was super helpful and friendly. he took his time to show me what he thought would be good for my face. i came down to 2 specs: the Ray Ban i knew i had to get since thats the style that ive been searching for AND the unexpected Martin & Martin which i really like on my face and did not need to get. and UMMMM…. I WANTED BOTH (they were both pretty pricey). my mister also found a pair of aswum aswum glasses which look super dope on him. and so, in the end, i gave in and got both of them. and now it means that i have to stop wearing my contacts and start showing off my specs. as for the ones i have at home, i shall find an empty drawer to store them in. i hope i made the right decision since its an awfully expensive one.

BUT for all your locals, if you need some glasses frame, please go and see michael at EiWear because this dude knows his stuff and you wont regret it. the only thing that will do the regretting will be your money bag.

thank you michael and i still desire the glasses you have on.

p.s. – and one thing i really like about the store is that you can pull out all the glasses tray yourself instead of asking them to get it for you. its very nice to have that since when i have to ask someone(which is most stores these days as if they dont trust you), i usually am reluctant to do because it makes me feel like an ass for asking them repeatedly and i feel very pressured. so good job EiWear.

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