smallness for my arm.

i like subtle little things to be around me when it comes to jewelry wearing. i came across this and i want a bunch of these
on my arm as i wear my short sleeve/no sleeve wearing garment. i think it will be nice and i know my arm will think its nice too.
lets make it happen when i get some free money in my mailbox.
thank you.

my mom scored on mothers day.

my mom and i went shopping (of course) on mothers day and we went into marc by marc jacobs because i had to. but then my mom ended up finding the goodie. she got herself this dove pouchette! i picked it up and liked it but was debating whether or not i need another bag. the size was great. its very hard to find a good small bag. before i even made a decision, my mom asked the saleslady to get her a new one. SOLD. she got the grey/cement color since she has too many black bags according to her. and her excuse for getting it was for travel. for as long as i can remember (well, most of the time), she is always saying thats a good bag for travel when she make a bag purchase. and really does she travel that often? and if we judge how much she traveled by the number of bags, she would have gone around the world with all her bags. i have to admit, i do catch myself saying that when i come across a bag. why not. its good to be prepared when you do travel and it is hard to come upon a good bag.

and after i came home i was still thinking about the bag and did a bit of searching and researching and i cant believe this bag came out so long ago (back around dec 09?). wtf? ive seen the bigger version but never this small one and then i realized that it was sold out super soon everywhere. SO NOW, i even want the bag more and i think i will go back to the store. if they have it, YEAH for me. if not, ask my mom nicely if i can have it?


i want to say happy mothers day to my mom and all the moms out there.

as a recent mom, i appreciate my mom even more than before.

and on this day theres one mom that i want to remember the most. she is not with us but i want to tell her happy mothers day and you will always be remembered by us. you were one insanely powerful strong bestest mom EVER. we miss you dearly.




i keep revisiting these miu miu spring/summer 2010 ad campaign recently. Lindsey Wixon (the model) in these Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot shots fascinates me. she is like a perfect plastic mannequin gumbi you’ll find in a wax museums for high end brand models (if theres ever such thing). what i really want is everything she is wearing. even though it might not look well on my non-gumbi figure but i think i could make it work, especially if i am wearing them heels. bring it on. i will try to go to a local miu miu store while i am here on vacation.