We got alone time: local getaway.


Saying goodbye to these two as we head out for a long weekend without them.

I was able to plan a long getaway weekend with my husband and it was so hard to figure out what we would do for 3 nights 3 days because there are so many things we want to do. The first time we did a getaway was for one night and one day and that was SO amazing and we understood how great it was to have us time. 

There were so many choices and so many places we want to stay at but we had to make sure we are not too far away in case of the kids and since Milo was at his first away camp we wanted to be close to him as well. We really wanted to take the opportunity to stay at Point Ranch Inn or Ventana Big Sur but unfortunately they did not have any rooms available on the nights we wanted.

Had to stop by the installation, Into the Clouds by FriendsWithYou at Westfield SF Centre.

We had to stay close to Napa for our last night since we had to pick Milo up from his away camp the next morning. We played with the idea to stay at Napa/Sonoma/St. Helena area the whole trip but we couldn’t find much activities to do for that many days. Finally we decided to stay 2 nights 2 days in the city and our last day in Napa. It turned out to be a perfect combo. We made dinner plans with our friends each night and during the day we shopped and visited all our favorite eatery and just walked around the city (walking around is so nice with no kids).

                                            Our view from our St. Regis room.

                                                               Vintage House.

We ended up staying at the St. Regis again for our city part and we stayed at the Vintage House at Yountville. Both places were great and very convenient location.

It was our first time staying at the Vintage House and the location was amazing, walking distance to Yountville and we got ourself a little bungalow which was a very nice experience. We even put down Vintage House as a place that would be good to stay with our kids.

I am already thinking where we could go next time when we get a chance to do a little getaway sans kids.


traditional hello.

today i did an adult thing:
blind-date-meeting-of-a-local-fellow-blogger for the FIRST TIME.
okay i admit it. i was a bit nervous walking into our place of choice because its been a long time since i went and met someone without ever talking to them (well, we had a history of 2 emails) and i dont want to mess it up and leave a weird impression. and of course i was late! (stupid traffic and the whole cannot text while driving thing)
BUT anyway, to the good part.
JENNIFER is super cool and SO sweet. we didnt know what each other look like but i did a pretty good guess of picking her out at a crowded place (and she is one of the few that had a pretty smile and a cute little outfit on). wait – i hope i dont sound like i am checking her out?
we talked and she told me a little about herself and what she is about and she gave me all kinds of wonderful tips.

it was just nice to be able to meet someone new.
i left feeling like i did a successful adult thing.
(thank you jennifer)

please check out her blog and her etsy store. make her your daily read and a place to shop for gifts or just for a treat.

p.s. – thank you giselle for hooking us up!