thank you mr. brown man for hiding my package.

ive been waiting for my dress that i ordered and i thought it got lost or worse yet, it got sold out by the time my order was processed. i tracked my package and it said it was delivered and my first thought was – darn it all, someone stole it or maybe the mail delivery dude kept it. so i went to look and finally saw my hidden package(it was camouflage with my front porch). SO, sorry mr ups brown man for having evil thought of you stealing my package (even though you are always delivering stuff to me without fail. oops for bad thoughts.)

ANYWAY. here it is. my favorite spring dress (for now). i cant wait to wear it. i already have my shoes picked out. it will look super with my red shoes that i got last year from my handsomemanboy for my bday (which is still sitting nicely in the shoe box and never worn – if you know me well, you know i am a crazee dork that has a fear of wearing brand new shoes since i dont want them to get dirty. but yet i keep buying). or i could pair them with my TOM silver glittery shoes that i have on my feet daily (which i want to buy more of in every color).

One of 2 shoes. i have the red ones.

oh boy oh boy! its the season to show them legs and be proud (?)

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