its rubber time.

my little dude’s feet are growing and i need to start planning for the next pair of rubbers for him. (for those who does not know me, ive been calling sneakers rubbers since way back when i first spoke english.) but this time around i need to make sure these are some tough strong shoes since he is getting active and likes to get down and dirty. if only his miki house shoes would last.
so heres a place that ive been looking at and a few that i like. its not definite yet. the search is still on and my goal is to only get one pair before he outgrows it again.
what do you think? i probably should ask mr. sneakers what he thinks or if he has any recommendations for little feet.

2 thoughts on “its rubber time.

  1. boat shoes!!!??? WHAT! thats what i want for my feet?! thank you maciej! if you come along any other potential shoes for the little dude let me know. i am heading out to asia in a week and hoping to find some cool ones!

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