I love me some bunnies. I am a huge bunny fan but unfortunately due to my crazee allergy, I can’t have any furry thing in our house. I like Easter because there are so many cute bunnies and chicks everywhere (including my SuperJuicyChicken of course). I really like Peeps and I wish I like to eat them so that I have an excuse to purchase them. But I would love to have a Peeps necklace or a Peeps pattern crib sheet or Peeps pattern socks or even better, I would like to have my SuperJuicyChicken plush to become a tradition like Peeps during Easter.

Happy Easter guys. Go and get some eggs.

’tis the season to decorate my neck.

its neck warming time and with all the holidays coming around, i like to have some bright and fun happenings going on around my neck to make cloudy day into happy cloudy day. and today i had time to peek around etsy for some stuff for my neck.

this is perfect EXCEPT will they get dirty easily since i can see myself kissing them pompoms when they are around my neck (if you dont know this, there are a few things that i just have to kiss (aside from my man and my boy) because of the texture or just because they asked me to: marshmallow, pancakes, and others that i cant remember now. it might sound rather weird/strange/freakish. well, thats because it is and i dont care.) *and oh yes. i want her hair. i always dream of a fro*

theres something about this simple necklace that i am drawn to. it reminds me of something something but i dont know what. my brain is not telling me but it keeps hinting to me, so, it must be something good.

and as for this bunny. i just want a bunch of them and have them on a chain link and around my neck or on my head or on my wrist. i need them and i need someone supercrafty to help me to put this together. anyone?