a safe place for my hands under pressure.

Rosa Clara.
i like the shoulders of this dress. it reminds me of a neat little origami structure you will find display in a japanese stationery bookstore.

like i said in my previous post, there are some little details in a dress that makes it perfect for me. and one of them are pockets. i like pockets. a lot. its a nice place for my hands and a nice convenient place for little things that i might like to keep in there to keep my hands company. well, you get the idea. SO, with all this in mind, i wish i knew they made wedding dresses with pockets or thought of that when i picked out my wedding dress! i love my wedding dress (still wanting to put it on every now and then) very very much but pockets!!! c’mom. i could have asked for pockets for mine too since i am sure they could have done that… it would have been perfect since i never know what to do with my hands when i get nervous and have tons of people starring at me. and i cant really be biting my nails on my wedding day (even though you would think i could since it is MY SPECIAL DAY afterall). oh pockets! you came in too late in my life for my special day. but at least i have you on a regular everyday kind of day.

give me giant bat wings and i will take off.

i want the necklace of the red dress to go with all the above dresses.

HARVEY FAIRCLOTH is rocking out her spring/summer line.
i saw these and want to put them on and go flying up in the air with the giant fluffy marshmellow in the sky just like KiKi in the movie KiKi Delivery Service(and oh! her giant red bow! it inspires me the day i was exposed to the movie).
all the dresses contain a certain element of what i want in a dress – big puffy sleeves, pockets in the front, perfect length, buttons, a-line and SO much fun to be had.
oh! how i wish i can wear them when spring comes!! please show up at my door step and let me have you!