in april and may, milo had tired a prosthesis scleral shell and they both failed horribly. the first time only lasted one day and the second time he had it for about a month but it was a bad month and he ended up with a bad cornea infection. you can go here and here and here and here for more detailed postings.

we recently went to meet with another ocularist to see if he would be a better match for milo after discussing the matters with milo’s opthamologist. just to clarify, our first ocularist was a super nice guy and i dont want to give the impression that he is bad in any way. he did come highly recommended to us but sometimes you are just not compatible. this new ocularist we saw was very nice as well and we told him about milo’s history of scleral shell and what our concerns are. we left feeling confident and milo will get his impression of his third trial of a prosthesis scleral shell in november. i am already anticipating the anxiousness of it all and also we were informed that we should take it out of milo’s eye every night or every other night. EEK!

to prepare him, i have been showing milo how i take out my contacts (or shells is the term i used for him) every night and how it tickles my eyeballs and its not scary at all. i remind him that a new big boy shell will have to be place back in his big boy’s eye. so far, his reactions has been positive. fingers crossed you guys, i really hope this will work out. i dont want to see my little milo to be suffering like last time.

if anyone out there would like to know more in details about my experiences with the ocularists and who they are, please email me and i will tell you as much as you want.

and to our first ocularist: thank you. you are nice but because we love our little milo, we have no choice but to try another ocularist because we cannot see him suffer again and maybe his eye and you are not meant to be. this is hard because its a small eye world and i am sure we will cross path again. all our best to you.
(i honestly believe that he kind of figure out that we will find someone else because of the bad experiences milo had from talking with him at milo’s recent EUA.)

p.s. i am always so thankful that we live in the awsum SF Bay Area because we actually have the choice to go see another top rocking ocularist.


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