i am a huge fan of Anthropologie and i was checking out their fall item and came upon their Hampden Pea Coat and i seriously did a double take as i saw the picture. i was confused at first because i have the exact same coat hanging in my closet which i know i got last fall and i know i did not get it at Anthropologie. i had to think for couple seconds and confirmed to myself that yes indeed i did not get it at Anthropologie because i remember my mother got it for me at Zara. i studied the pictures and i looked at my jacket and i cant get over the fact of the similarities.

i had the chance to go to the store last week and seriously people, its almost exactly the same thing. i was overly excited (not sure if that is the correct term) to share my discoveries with the sales lady but she wasnt overly surprised for some reason or maybe i was expecting her to be like what the what and to be more surprised/excited than i was. in fact, i told two sales lady at two different locations and they both seem kind of like, oh wow thats great and thanks for sharing with me. well actually, the one sales lady told me that i have the future fashion since i got the jacket last year, but in my head, i want to tell her no lady, you are totally wrong because i dont think i can ever have the future jacket because there will always be another jacket year after year.

i cant get over it people. is there anyone out there that knows about this and would like to talk about it or if i can talk to the buyer of Anthropologie or Zara??! i dont know who designed the jacket at Zara but it is Elevenses that makes this Hampden Pea Coat at Anthropologie.

and yes, i will be sharing this news with another Anthropolgie staff the next time i am at the store.

I CANT GET OVER THIS PEOPLE! someone explain these things to me. PLEASSSEEEEEEEE.

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