milo had his first sleepover last weekend with his two cousins (ages 3 and 4). they all slept in our room with their sleeping bags. it was a kind of a last minute thing so i didnt even think about what milo would sleep on. but right before we were setting up the kids on our floor, i remembered about my old skool Fisher Price sleeping bag which my dad scored for us via his connection back in the day. it was still in its original box which i kept after all these years. we have one in blue/yellow and another one in pink. it was perfect. we opened it and was very impressed with its simple design. you just roll it up and secure it with velcro and it has pockets on the end for him to put his goodies in. the bestest part is that it is blue which is milo’s favorite color (the pink one i am saving for matilda). i think it is pretty hard to find a sleeping bag with no designs or characters on them these days. i am SO glad that i kept this and i do love my old skool Fisher Price items. thank you thank you dad, i bet you never knew that someday it would be your grandson that would be using this.(because i certainly never imagine that it would be my kid that i am saving this for.)

dont get jealous people. sometimes its good to be keeper trapper (not a hoarder or at least not a dirty messy one). i have things that i kept from my childhood and most of the stuff are still in its original packaging (especially my hello kitty stuff) and it is not because i am hoping to sell them. it is because i love my stuff.

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